Fisherbrand™ Stainless Steel Sample Dippers

These stainless steel sampling dippers with tapered sided cups are ideal in laboratories, research, and other environments.

Vitlab™ Polypropylene Scoop

Use these corrosion resistant scoops for applications in the food industry. VITLAB™ Polypropylene Scoops are lighter than metal, don’t dent and feature good chemical resistance. Also suitable as weighing scoops.

Buerkle™ Bottle Holder

Holds all bottles up to 88 mm (dia.). Plastic, glass or metal bottles can be securely filled in this way. Angle steplessly adjustable up to 90°.

Buerkle™ Angular Beaker

The beaker is adaptable to different container shapes by adjustable angle setting (up to 90°).

Buerkle™ Telescopic Rod

Telescopic Rod is a versatile sampling system with exchangeable tools for a wide range of applications.

Kartell™ Disposable Polystyrene Cell Counter Cup

Manufactured with clear polystyrene for optimum visibility. Kartell™ Coulter™ Cell Counter Cups are used for specimen analysis with cell counters.

Vitlab™ Transparent Polypropylene Beaker

Use these polypropylene beakers for a variety of general laboratory applications. VITLAB™ Transparent Polypropylene Beakers feature a stable handle easy-grip handle and an easily readable, embossed blue scale.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Micro Spoon and Spatula Sampling Set

Includes six different, small-size, double-ended tools and tweezers for accurate handling of small quantities. Bel Art™ SP Scienceware™ Micro Spoon and Spatula Sampling Set are polished stainless steel for long life and easy cleaning and can be steam autoclaved at 121ºC (250ºF)

ratiolab™ Multi-Purpose Beakers With Screw-Caps

Use these beakers for a variety of storage and sampling applications. ratiolab™ Multi-Purpose Beakers With Screw-Caps are ideal for sampling, transport and storage of solid, pasty and liquid samples.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware&trade Long Handle Sampling Spoons

Designed to gather small amounts of sample material, especially in hard to reach containers.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Mini Sampler Spoons

Avoid cross contamination by using a different spoon for each sample

Cole-Parmer™ Rubbermaid™ Square Scoop

Scoop large quantities easily. Rubbermaid™ Square Scoop is constructed from durable polyethylene and designed to stand on end without tipping.

Brand™ Coulter Counter Sample Cups

Virgin Polystyrene (PS) sample cups for Coulter Counter with lids that are designed to fit many common analyzers.

Corning™ Polypropylene Screw Cap Dipper With Removable Handle, Blue, Sterile

Quality sampling tools for secure sample retrieval and shipment

Gosselin™ Screw Cap Dippers with Removable Handle

Dip with confidence. Gosselin™ Screw Cap Dippers with Removable Handle prevent spillage with screw caps and detachable shaft.

Buerkle™ LiquiSampler

Buerkle™ LiquiSampler allows you to sample from open and closed containers, barrels, tanks, silos, water courses.

Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Disposable ViscoThief

Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Disposable ViscoThief is a single use, disposable sampler that is designed for use with viscous materials such as creams, oils, and honey.

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel SiloPicker Sample Container

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel SiloPicker Sample Container is a spare part for Buerkle™ Stainless Steel SiloPicker Sampler.

Buerkle™ Pendulum Beaker PP

This beaker automatically swings to a horizontal position. Nothing can be spilt. Suitable therefore for deep and narrow shafts (150 mm dia.).

Fisherbrand™ Stainless Steel Sample Dippers

Get optimum sample collection and dispatch from one source with the stainless steel sample dipper. A laboratory sampling dipper with tapered sided cup; Fisherbrand™ Stainless Steel Sample Dippers are suitable for use with most liquids.

Fisherbrand™ Smart Spatulas™

Scoop powders and soft solids from 15 and 1.5mL tubes. Fisherbrand™ Smart Spatulas&trade are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Kartell™ Polypropylene Low Form Beakers with Blue Printed Graduations

Manufactured from highly translucent polypropylene for durability, clarity and good chemical resistance. Autoclavable Kartell™ Polypropylene Low Form Beakers with Printed Blue Graduations provide an economical and safe solution for stirring, mixing and dispensing liquids in the laboratory.

Buerkle™ SteriPlast™ Sampling Spoons

Sample powders, granules, and pastes. Buerkle™ SteriPlast™ Sampling Spoons are made of polystyrene and come sterile and individually wrapped.

Wilesco™ Aluminum Weighing Scoop

Measure, weigh and balance laboratory samples using the Wilesco™ Aluminum Weighing Scoop. The flat bottom keeps the scoops upright when filled or empty. The versatile scoop an be used as a weighing boat or placed on a flat surface.

Buerkle™ MultiDispo Disposable Sampler

Takes samples from multiple layers of sample materials. The Buerkle™ MultiDispo Disposable Sampler is suitable for free-flowing powders and small-grain granulates. Sterile and non-sterile varieties are available.

Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ PP White Disposable PharmaScoop™

Use straight from the bag without the need for costly cleaning. Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ PP White Disposable PharmaScoop™ is ideal for both sampling and dispensing powders and granules.

Kartell™ Technicon™ Beckman™, Konelab™ Polystyrene Sample Cups

Manufactured with crystal clear polystyrene for optimum visibility. Kartell™ Technicon™ Beckman™ Konelab™ Sample Cups are used for specimen analysis.