pH and Electrochemistry

WTW™ SenTix™ 41 pH Electrode

Use these pH electrodes for portable measurement and routine measurement in the lab. WTW™ SenTix™ 41 pH Electrodes are ideal for applications where reliable measured values are needed under adverse conditions.

Mettler Toledo™ KCl 3M Electrode Filling Solution

Equipped with a special cap to facilitate easy filling of electrodes. Mettler Toledo™ KCl 3M Electrode Filling Solution is an electrolyte solution that enables optimum performance of pH and ion-selective electrodes. This bridge electrolyte contains no silver ions than can contaminate samples.

Jenway™ 3520 pH/temp meter with glass combination pH electrode

3520 pH/temp meter with glass combination pH electrode, stand and holder, ATC probe, BNC shorting plug, EU power supply offers research grade specifications with a comprehensive range of features and functions, making it suitable for the broadest range of research, general laboratory, QC and GLP based applications.

Mettler Toledo™ Technical pH Buffer Solutions

Provides a reliable all-around pH buffer. Mettler Toledo™ Technical pH Buffer Solution are specified to two decimal places and are traceable to NIST standards. Color-coded solution comes in a handy 250mL plastic bottle with no-fuss labels.

WTW™ TetraCon™ 325 Standard Conductivity Cell

Use these conductivity cells for precise and reliable measurements in any conditions. WTW™ TetraCon™ 325 Standard Conductivity Cells feature 4 electrode technology makes them insensitive to pollution, uninfluenced by polarization effects.

Jenway™ 550 portable pH meter supplied in carry case with epoxy combination pH electrode, ATC probe and batteries

550 portable pH meter supplied in carry case with epoxy combination pH electrode, ATC probe and batteries. A small, lightweight general purpose pH meter offering 2 point pH calibration and automatic buffer recognition. Simultaneously displays both the temperature compensated pH readings and temperature.

Mettler Toledo™ FiveGo™ F4 DO Meters

Portable meter provides reliable and high quality dissolved oxygen (DO) measurements with simple click of a button

Mettler Toledo™ Buffer Solutions: Standard pH

Storage and refill solutions for pH electrodes

WTW™ ProfiLine™ pH/Cond 3320 Universal Multi-parameter Portable Meter Set 2

Monitor process applications in chemistry, food and beverage, Life Science and pharmaceutical industries. WTW™ ProfiLine™ pH/Cond 3320 Universal Multi-parameter Portable Meter features a backlit graphic display for the parallel display of the measured values.

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ ROSS™ Sure-Flow™ pH Electrode with Sure-flow junction, BNC connector

Measure general pH samples as well as viscous or colloidal samples with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 8172BNWP ROSS™ Sure-Flow™ pH Electrode.

Oakton™ pH 700 Benchtop Meter and Stand

Compact, with large dual-display LCD

Fisherbrand™ accumet™ AB150 pH Benchtop Meters

Provide intuitive, simple operation and high accuracy measurements in a compact, affordable meter. Fisherbrand accumet AB150 pH benchtop meters have large backlit display which offers great visibility in laboratory environments. The accumet AB150 pH meter is an industry favorite for when reliability and consistency in measurements matter.

Oakton™ Waterproof Big Display pHTestr™ 30

Versatile, compact design works in a field or laboratory setting.

Fisherbrand™ accumet™ AE150 Benchtop pH Meter

Provides the essential functions needed for routine pH measurements without complicated features and processes at a budget-friendly price

WTW™ MultiLine™ Multi 3630 IDS Multi-parameter Portable Meter Set G

Solve multiple measuring tasks at once and save time and costs. WTW™ MultiLine™ Multi 3630 IDS Multi-parameter Portable Meters feature three universal measuring channels for measuring pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and/or turbidity simultaneously.

WTW™ KCL Electrolyte Solutions

These KCL solutions are ideal for the operation, cleaning, and storage of electrodes.

Cytiva Whatman™ Phenolphthalein Test Paper on Reel

Combines ease-of-use with accuracy and consistency for determination of the neutralization point in weak acid/strong alkali reactions.

METTLER TOLEDO™ SevenCompact™ S230 Conductivity Benchtop Meter

The S230 meter measures conductivity, resistivity, salinty, and TDS. A simple and durable interface with only 2 buttons makes this meter easy to use, and results can be captured by a printer with a time and date stamp. Available as meter only or ready-to-use kits for specific applications.

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 9810BN Micro pH Electrode

Measure pH as low as 0.5μL samples in gels or micro containers with this small-tipped glass combination electrode for pH measurements in micro volume samples.

Fisherbrand™ accumet™ AE Series 3-in-1 Single Junction Gel pH/ATC Electrode

Fisherbrand™ accumet™ AE series pH electrodes support the accumet AE150 pH meter for routine pH measurements a budget-friendly price

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Standard All-in-One™ pH Buffer Kit

Work with ease using this color-coded pH buffer kit that includes three buffers, storage solution and a storage bottle.

Mettler Toledo™ Membrane Kit

Used as an accessory part for the InPro O2 sensor family.   Mettler Toledo™ Membrane Kit for the the InPro O2 sensor enables reliable inline measurement of dissolved oxygen in a wide spectrum of processes that operate under sterile/hygienic conditions. 

WTW™ TetraCon™ 925 4 Electrode Conductivity Cells

With its easy handling and robust design, these electrode conductivity cells are proven 2 and 4 electrode technology. The four electrode measuring cell TetraCon™ 925 model is for medium and high conductivity.