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Honeywell High-purity solvents

High-Purity Solvents

High-purity solvents for liquid and gas chromatography, spectrophotometry and pesticide residue analysis with low trace impurities, water content and particulate levels as well as unmatched lot-to-lot consistency.

Honeywell Analytical Reagents

Analytical Reagents

High-quality adsorbents, buffers, volumetric solutions, reagents, standards suitable for use in a wide variety of analytical applications.  

Honeywell Lab Essentials (solvents and inorganics)

Lab Essentials (Solvents and Inorganics)

A highly diversified range of basic products for your laboratory, including various acids and bases, buffers, metals and elements, organics, reagents, and salts.  

About Honeywell Research Chemicals

Consistent, High Quality Chemicals and Reagents for Your Laboratory

Honeywell has been committed to innovation in inorganics, solvents and other essential chemicals for more than 200 years. Our rich history dates back to 1814, when German chemist Johann Daniel Riedel successfully manufactured pharmaceutical products, providing a foundation for the chemicals industry. That pioneering spirit is guiding us as we grow, evolve and strive to become your trusted supplier of high-quality chemical products.

With our main portfolio brands, Honeywell Riedel-de Haën™, Honeywell Fluka™ and Honeywell, you will find a broad range of solvents and essential reagents for analytical and chemistry laboratories including Hydranal™, Chromasolv™ and many other high-quality premium chemical products providing you with more of the quality and consistency you expect, and above all more choice.


Honeywell Fluka

Honeywell Research Chemicals


Nitroethane, ≥98.0%, Reagent Grade, Honeywell™

CAS: 79-24-3 Moleculaire formule: C2H5NO2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 75.067 MDL-nummer: MFCD00007404 InChI Key: MCSAJNNLRCFZED-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: nitroethane, ethane, nitro, nitroetan, nitroethan, nitroetan polish, nitro-ethane, unii-6kel3zau0v, ccris 3088, hsdb 105, 6kel3zau0v PubChem CID: 6587 ChEBI: CHEBI:16268 IUPAC Name: 1-nitroethane SMILES: CC[N+](=O)[O-] 1LT Nitroethane reagent grade, =98.0%

Acetic acid, Reagent Grade, ≥99.0%, Honeywell

CAS: 64-19-7 Moleculaire formule: C2H4O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 60.052 MDL-nummer: MFCD00036152 InChI Key: QTBSBXVTEAMEQO-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: ethanoic acid, ethylic acid, acetic acid, glacial, methanecarboxylic acid, vinegar acid, glacial, glacial, acetasol, acide acetique, essigsaeure PubChem CID: 176 ChEBI: CHEBI:15366 IUPAC Name: acetic acid SMILES: CC(=O)O 5LT Acetic acid Reagent Grade, =99.0%

Isopropanol, 70%, Honeywell™

CAS: 67-63-0 Moleculaire formule: C3H8O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 60.096 MDL-nummer: MFCD00011674 InChI Key: KFZMGEQAYNKOFK-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: isopropanol, 2-propanol, isopropyl alcohol, 2-hydroxypropane, alkolave, avantine, hartosol, dimethylcarbinol, sec-propyl alcohol, petrohol PubChem CID: 3776 ChEBI: CHEBI:17824 IUPAC Name: propan-2-ol SMILES: CC(C)O 200LT Isopropanol 70% in H2O

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, Reagent grade, Available chlorine 4.00 to 4.99%, Honeywell

CAS: 7681-52-9 Moleculaire formule: ClNaO Molecular Weight (g/mol): 74.439 MDL-nummer: MFCD00011120 InChI Key: SUKJFIGYRHOWBL-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: sodium hypochlorite, antiformin, sodium oxychloride, chlorox, clorox, javex, javelle water, hypochlorous acid, sodium salt, hypochlorite sodium, carrel-dakin solution PubChem CID: 23665760 ChEBI: CHEBI:32146 IUPAC Name: sodium;hypochlorite SMILES: [O-]Cl.[Na+] 5LT Sodium hypochlorite solution reagent grade, available chlorine 4.00-4.99 %

Methyl formate, Reagent Grade, 97%, Honeywell™

CAS: 107-31-3 Moleculaire formule: C2H4O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 60.052 MDL-nummer: MFCD00003291 InChI Key: TZIHFWKZFHZASV-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: formic acid, methyl ester, methyl methanoate, methylformiat, formic acid methyl ester, formiate de methyle, methylformiaat, mravencan methylnaty, methylformate, caswell no. 570, hcooch3 PubChem CID: 7865 ChEBI: CHEBI:77699 IUPAC Name: methyl formate SMILES: COC=O 2.5LT Methyl formate reagent grade, 97%

Cobalt(II) chloride, Honeywell

CAS: 7646-79-9 MDL-nummer: MFCD00010938 Synoniem: cobalt ii chloride, cobaltchloride, cobalt chloride 0.1 m solution, cobalt ii chloride, anhydrous, cobalt ii chloride, cobalt ii-chloride, curator_000013, cobalt chloride anhydrous, wln: co g2, cobalt-ii-chloride 250GR Cobalt(II) chloride purum p.a., anhydrous, =98.0% (KT)

Glycerol, ≥99.0% (GC), Reagent Grade, Honeywell™

CAS: 56-81-5 Moleculaire formule: C3H8O3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 92.094 MDL-nummer: MFCD00004722 InChI Key: PEDCQBHIVMGVHV-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: glycerol, glycerin, glycerine, 1,2,3-propanetriol, glycyl alcohol, trihydroxypropane, glyceritol, propanetriol, 1,2,3-trihydroxypropane, osmoglyn PubChem CID: 753 ChEBI: CHEBI:17754 IUPAC Name: propane-1,2,3-triol SMILES: C(C(CO)O)O 500ML Glycerol Reagent Grade, =99.0% (GC)

2-Propanol, Laboratory Reagent, ≥99.5%, Honeywell™

CAS: 67-63-0 Moleculaire formule: C3H8O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 60.096 MDL-nummer: MFCD00011674 InChI Key: KFZMGEQAYNKOFK-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: isopropanol, 2-propanol, isopropyl alcohol, 2-hydroxypropane, alkolave, avantine, hartosol, dimethylcarbinol, sec-propyl alcohol, petrohol PubChem CID: 3776 ChEBI: CHEBI:17824 IUPAC Name: propan-2-ol SMILES: CC(C)O 2.5LT 2-Propanol Laboratory Reagent, =99.5%

Osmium Tetroxide, Honeywell

CAS: 20816-12-0 Moleculaire formule: O4Os Molecular Weight (g/mol): 254.226 MDL-nummer: MFCD00011150 InChI Key: VUVGYHUDAICLFK-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: osmium tetroxide, osmium tetraoxide, osmic acid, perosmic oxide, osmic acid anhydride, osmium viii oxide, oso4, perosmic acid anhydride, osmiumtetroxide, osmium oxide, t-4 PubChem CID: 30318 IUPAC Name: tetraoxoosmium SMILES: O=[Os](=O)(=O)=O 1GR Osmium tetroxide Reagent Grade, 99.8%

Ammonium Bicarbonate, Reagent Grade, ≥99%, Honeywell™

CAS: 1066-33-7 Moleculaire formule: CH5NO3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 79.055 MDL-nummer: MFCD00012138 InChI Key: ATRRKUHOCOJYRX-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium hydrogencarbonate, ammonium hydrogen carbonate, carbonic acid, monoammonium salt, monoammonium carbonate, ammonium acid carbonate, ammonium hydrogencarbonat, ammoniumbicarbonate, acid ammonium carbonate, ccris 7327 PubChem CID: 14013 IUPAC Name: azanium;hydrogen carbonate SMILES: C(=O)(O)[O-].[NH4+] 500GR Ammonium bicarbonate Reagent Grade, =99.0%

Ammonium Persulfate, Reagent grade, 98%, Honeywell™

CAS: 7727-54-0 Moleculaire formule: H8N2O8S2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 228.19 MDL-nummer: MFCD00003390 InChI Key: ROOXNKNUYICQNP-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: ammonium persulfate, ammonium peroxydisulfate, diammonium peroxydisulfate, diammonium persulfate, ammoniumpersulfate, diammonium peroxodisulphate, diammonium peroxydisulphate, unii-22qf6l357f, ccris 1430, persulfate d'ammonium french PubChem CID: 62648 IUPAC Name: diazanium;sulfonatooxy sulfate SMILES: [NH4+].[NH4+].[O-]S(=O)(=O)OOS(=O)(=O)[O-] 500GR Ammonium persulfate reagent grade, 98%

Hydrochloric Acid, 99.99% Trace Metals Basis, Honeywell™

CAS: 7647-01-0 Moleculaire formule: ClH Molecular Weight (g/mol): 36.458 MDL-nummer: MFCD00011324 InChI Key: VEXZGXHMUGYJMC-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: hydrochloric acid, hydrogen chloride, muriatic acid, chlorohydric acid, acide chlorhydrique, chlorwasserstoff, spirits of salt, hydrogen chloride hcl, anhydrous hydrochloric acid, chloorwaterstof PubChem CID: 313 ChEBI: CHEBI:17883 IUPAC Name: chlorane SMILES: Cl 500ML Hydrochloric acid 37 wt. % in H2O, 99.999% trace metals basis

Sodium Sulfide Hydrate, Honeywell™

CAS: 27610-45-3 Moleculaire formule: H3Na2OS+ Molecular Weight (g/mol): 97.063 MDL-nummer: MFCD00003498 InChI Key: BNJIAWKLYDUTBN-UHFFFAOYSA-M PubChem CID: 45051681 IUPAC Name: disodium;sulfanide;hydrate SMILES: O.[Na+].[Na+].[SH-] 1KG Sodium sulfide hydrate for gravimetric analysis

Nickel(Ii) Chloride Hexahydrate, ReagentPlus™ Honeywell™

CAS: 7791-20-0 MDL-nummer: MFCD00149809 2KG Nickel(II) chloride hexahydrate Reagent Grade

Sodium Bicarbonate, ≥99.5%, Reagent Grade, Honeywell™

CAS: 144-55-8 Moleculaire formule: CHNaO3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 84.006 MDL-nummer: MFCD00003528 InChI Key: UIIMBOGNXHQVGW-UHFFFAOYSA-M Synoniem: sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, baking soda, carbonic acid monosodium salt, sodium acid carbonate, bicarbonate of soda, sodium hydrogencarbonate, meylon, acidosan, neut PubChem CID: 516892 ChEBI: CHEBI:32139 IUPAC Name: sodium;hydrogen carbonate SMILES: C(=O)(O)[O-].[Na+] 500GR Sodium bicarbonate Reagent Grade, =99.5%, powder

Ethylene glycol, Reagent Grade, ≥99%, Honeywell

CAS: 107-21-1 Moleculaire formule: C2H6O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 62.068 MDL-nummer: MFCD00002885 InChI Key: LYCAIKOWRPUZTN-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: ethylene glycol, 1,2-ethanediol, glycol, monoethylene glycol, 1,2-dihydroxyethane, 2-hydroxyethanol, glycol alcohol, ethylene alcohol, fridex, tescol PubChem CID: 174 ChEBI: CHEBI:30742 IUPAC Name: ethane-1,2-diol SMILES: C(CO)O 2.5LT Ethylene glycol Reagent Grade, =99%

Methylcyclohexane, 99%, Reagent Grade, Honeywell™

CAS: 108-87-2 Moleculaire formule: C7H14 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 98.189 MDL-nummer: MFCD00001497 InChI Key: UAEPNZWRGJTJPN-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: cyclohexane, methyl, hexahydrotoluene, cyclohexylmethane, toluene hexahydride, hexahydroxytoluene, sextone b, toluene, hexahydro, metylocykloheksan, methyl cyclohexane, methylcyclohexan PubChem CID: 7962 IUPAC Name: methylcyclohexane SMILES: CC1CCCCC1 1LT Methylcyclohexane Reagent Grade, 99%

Tetrahydrofuran, ReagentPlus™, ≥99.0%, Honeywell™

CAS: 109-99-9 Moleculaire formule: C4H8O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 72.107 MDL-nummer: MFCD00005356 InChI Key: WYURNTSHIVDZCO-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: tetrahydrofuran, furan, tetrahydro, butylene oxide, furanidine, hydrofuran, tetramethylene oxide, oxacyclopentane, 1,4-epoxybutane, tetrahydrofuranne, tetraidrofurano PubChem CID: 8028 ChEBI: CHEBI:26911 IUPAC Name: oxolane SMILES: C1CCOC1 10LT Tetrahydrofuran Reagent Grade, =99.0%, contains 250 ppm BHT as inhibitor

Ammonium Hydroxide Solution, ≥99.99%, Honeywell

CAS: 1336-21-6 Moleculaire formule: H5NO Molecular Weight (g/mol): 35.046 MDL-nummer: MFCD00066650 InChI Key: VHUUQVKOLVNVRT-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: ammonium hydroxide, ammonia water, ammonia aqueous, aquammonia, aqua ammonia, ammonia, aqua, household ammonia, ammonium hydroxide solution, ammonia, monohydrate, ammonium hydroxide nh4 oh PubChem CID: 14923 ChEBI: CHEBI:18219 IUPAC Name: azanium;hydroxide SMILES: [NH4+].[OH-] 100ML Ammonium hydroxide solution 28% NH3 in H2O,=99.99% trace metals basis

Zirconyl Chloride Octahydrate, 98%, Reagent grade, Honeywell™

CAS: 13520-92-8 Moleculaire formule: Cl2H18O9Zr Molecular Weight (g/mol): 324.259 MDL-nummer: MFCD00149898 InChI Key: FUBACIUATZGHAC-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: zirconyl chloride octahydrate, zirconium oxychloride octahydrate, zirconium chloride oxide octahydrate, dichlorooxozirconium octahydrate, zirconium, dichlorooxo-, octahydrate, zirconium, dichlorooxo-, octahydrate 8ci,9ci, cl2h16o9zr, dsstox_cid_29361, dsstox_rid_83477, dsstox_gsid_49402 PubChem CID: 159678 IUPAC Name: oxozirconium;octahydrate;dihydrochloride SMILES: O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O=[Zr].Cl.Cl 500GR Zirconyl chloride octahydrate reagent grade, 98%

Acetonitrile, Honeywell

CAS: 75-05-8 Moleculaire formule: C2H3N Molecular Weight (g/mol): 41.053 MDL-nummer: MFCD00001878 InChI Key: WEVYAHXRMPXWCK-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: methyl cyanide, cyanomethane, ethanenitrile, methanecarbonitrile, ethyl nitrile, methane, cyano, acetonitril, cyanure de methyl, methylkyanid, mecn PubChem CID: 6342 ChEBI: CHEBI:38472 IUPAC Name: acetonitrile SMILES: CC#N 20KG Acetonitrile =99.5% (GC)

1,3-Dioxolane, ReagentPlus™, 99%, Honeywell™

CAS: 646-06-0 Moleculaire formule: C3H6O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 74.079 MDL-nummer: MFCD00003207 InChI Key: WNXJIVFYUVYPPR-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: dioxolane, glycolformal, formal glycol, 1,3-dioxolan, 1,3-dioxacyclopentane, 1,3-dioxalane, ethylene glycol formal, glycol methylene ether, glycol formal, dioxolan czech PubChem CID: 12586 ChEBI: CHEBI:87597 IUPAC Name: 1,3-dioxolane SMILES: C1COCO1 4LT 1,3-Dioxolane Reagent Grade, contains ~75 ppmBHT as inhibitor, 99%

Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate, 99.99% Trace Metals Basis, Honeywell™

CAS: 10102-40-6 Moleculaire formule: H4MoNa2O6 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 241.956 MDL-nummer: MFCD00149170 InChI Key: FDEIWTXVNPKYDL-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: sodium molybdate dihydrate, sodium molybdate vi dihydrate, disodium molybdate dihydrate, unii-8f2sxi1704, na2moo4.2h2o, disodium dihydrate molybdate, molybdic acid sodium salt dihydrate, molybdic acid, disodium salt, dihydrate, sodium molybdate 2 hydrate, dipotassium dihydrate molybdate PubChem CID: 16211258 ChEBI: CHEBI:75213 IUPAC Name: disodium;dioxido(dioxo)molybdenum;dihydrate SMILES: O.O.[O-][Mo](=O)(=O)[O-].[Na+].[Na+] 100GR Sodium molybdate dihydrate 99.99% trace metals basis

1-Pentanol, ReagentPlus™, ≥99%, Honeywell™

CAS: 71-41-0 Moleculaire formule: C5H12O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 88.15 MDL-nummer: MFCD00002977 InChI Key: AMQJEAYHLZJPGS-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: 1-pentanol, amyl alcohol, n-amyl alcohol, n-pentanol, pentanol, pentyl alcohol, butylcarbinol, 1-pentyl alcohol, amylol, n-butylcarbinol PubChem CID: 6276 ChEBI: CHEBI:44884 IUPAC Name: pentan-1-ol SMILES: CCCCCO 1LT 1-Pentanol Reagent Grade, =99%

1-Propanol, purum, ≥99% (GC), Honeywell™

CAS: 71-23-8 Moleculaire formule: C3H8O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 60.096 MDL-nummer: MFCD00002941 InChI Key: BDERNNFJNOPAEC-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: 1-propanol, propanol, propyl alcohol, n-propanol, n-propyl alcohol, ethylcarbinol, 1-hydroxypropane, optal, osmosol extra, propylic alcohol PubChem CID: 1031 ChEBI: CHEBI:28831 IUPAC Name: propan-1-ol SMILES: CCCO X6 1-Propanol =99% (GC), purum

Potassium Dichromate, ≥99.5%, Reagent Grade, Honeywell™

CAS: 7778-50-9 Moleculaire formule: Cr2K2O7 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 294.182 MDL-nummer: MFCD00011367 InChI Key: KMUONIBRACKNSN-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: potassium dichromate, potassium bichromate, kaliumdichromat, iopezite, dipotassium bichromate, dipotassium dichromate, potassium dichromate vi, dichromic acid dipotassium salt, dipotassium dichromium heptaoxide, bichromate of potash PubChem CID: 24502 ChEBI: CHEBI:53444 IUPAC Name: dipotassium;oxido-(oxido(dioxo)chromio)oxy-dioxochromium SMILES: [O-][Cr](=O)(=O)O[Cr](=O)(=O)[O-].[K+].[K+] 25GR Potassium dichromate Reagent Grade, =99.5%

Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate, Reagent Grade, ≥99.5%, Honeywell™

CAS: 1303-96-4 MDL-nummer: MFCD00149193 1KG Sodium tetraborate decahydrate Reagent Grade,=99.5%

Sodium Thiosulfate, Honeywell

CAS: 7772-98-7 Moleculaire formule: Na2O3S2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 158.097 MDL-nummer: MFCD00003499 InChI Key: AKHNMLFCWUSKQB-UHFFFAOYSA-L Synoniem: sodium thiosulfate, sodium thiosulphate, disodium thiosulfate, sodium thiosulfate anhydrous, hypo, sodiumthiosulfate, chlorine cure, chlorine control, declor-it, thiosulfuric acid, disodium salt PubChem CID: 24477 IUPAC Name: disodium;dioxido-oxo-sulfanylidene-$l^{6}-sulfane SMILES: [O-]S(=O)(=S)[O-].[Na+].[Na+] 250GR Sodium thiosulfate Reagent Grade, 99%

Ethylene Glycol, Technical, Honeywell™

CAS: 107-21-1 Moleculaire formule: C2H6O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 62.068 MDL-nummer: MFCD00002885 InChI Key: LYCAIKOWRPUZTN-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synoniem: ethylene glycol, 1,2-ethanediol, glycol, monoethylene glycol, 1,2-dihydroxyethane, 2-hydroxyethanol, glycol alcohol, ethylene alcohol, fridex, tescol PubChem CID: 174 ChEBI: CHEBI:30742 IUPAC Name: ethane-1,2-diol SMILES: C(CO)O 1LT Ethylene glycol technical, suitable as anti-freezing agent (with corrosion-inhibitor), blue

Sodium Hydroxide, ≥97.0% (T), Honeywell™

CAS: 1310-73-2 Moleculaire formule: HNaO Molecular Weight (g/mol): 39.997 MDL-nummer: MFCD00003548 InChI Key: HEMHJVSKTPXQMS-UHFFFAOYSA-M Synoniem: sodium hydroxide, caustic soda, sodium hydrate, white caustic, soda lye, aetznatron, ascarite, sodium hydroxide na oh, sodium hydroxide solution, soda, caustic PubChem CID: 14798 ChEBI: CHEBI:32145 IUPAC Name: sodium;hydroxide SMILES: [OH-].[Na+] 1KG Sodium hydroxide purum p.a., =97.0% (T), pellets


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Honeywell LabReady


Honeywell LabReady™ Blends

All Honeywell LabReady™ Blends are made using proprietary, closed-loop blending technology, with high purity and consistent products, assuring you always get reproducible and accurate results, lot-after-lot. 

You can also save up to 354 hours of lab-time per year*, by eliminating manual blending, allowing you to redeploy resources to more value-added activities. You also benefit from a reduction in waste which results from formulation errors and a safer work environment due to limited chemical handling.

*Based on preparing five times per week a four-liter aqueous solution consisting of 27.2g of potassium phosphate and 0.2N sodium hydroxide with pH 7.4, adjusted using phosphoric acid.

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Honeywell Drum Containers


Returnable Containers

Reduce your solvent storage, handling, and disposal cost by 98%*

  • With no packaging waste, no hazardous disposal costs, and no rinsing done on site, your lab will be greener and more environmentally friendly. 
  • Solvents in returnable containers take up 50% less space than glass bottles, reducing your storage costs by half.
  • Our containers are convenient to transport with easy to grip handles and shatter proof stainless steel construction
  • Safer for staff due to minimized fire risk, incidents of spillage, and exposure to hazardous solvents.


Accelerate your research by saving a week of lab time per year*

  • Save time testing solvent batches, handling solvent bottles, and connecting and exchanging bottles with your instrument.
  • The dispensing accessories enable easy, secure and contamination free direct connections to instruments, or multiple dispensing points. 
  • After the container is empty, it will be collected and cleaned by Honeywell.
  •  The returnable containers are filled with Honeywell quality solvents that have excellent lot-to-lot consistency and come with a detailed Certificate of Analysis. 
  • Honeywell is home to Chromasolv™ high purity solvents for chromatography, which are trusted and relied upon by thousands of scientists, and are referenced in over 6000 peer reviewed publications**.

*Based on usage of 250 cases of 4* 2.5L of solvent per year, compared to a 200L container.
**Source: Google Scholar


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