Balances, Scales and Weighing

Fisherbrand™ Analytische weegschaal

Features easy to clean draft shield, upfront level indicator and selectable environmental settings Fisherbrand™ Analytical Balances are ideal for meeting the routine weighing needs of most labs. Analytical balance 210g/0,1mg internal calibration

Mettler Toledo™ Accessoires voor weegschaalprinter: Printerpapier

Printer paper for use with Mettler Toledo™ balances. X5 Papierrol voor printer LCP-45

Fisherbrand™ Aluminium weegschaaltjes

Aluminum dishes for weighing and dispensing Weegbakje Hoog Alu 70mm, 1000st.

Ohaus™ Valor™ 7000 Compact Food Scale

The best compact food scale in its class. Ohaus™ Valor™ 7000 Compact Food Scale features dual displays and touchless sensors, a user-friendly menu and setup, and fast and accurate results to provide for a seamless and hassle-free user experience that is second to none. BALANCE VALOR 7000 1,5KG/0,05G

GE Healthcare Kjeldahl-weegschuitjes

Designed to collect, transfer, and drop both sample and weighing boat into the acid solution during a Kjeldahl analysis without influencing analytical results. Whatman™ Kjeldahl Weighing Boats are excellent for both weighing and quantitative sample transfer. X100 Weegschuitje 609 Kjeldahl

Mettler Toledo™ Zelfklevende papierrollen voor Mettler Toledo Balance printers

Geschikt voor de Mettler Toledo LC-P43 printer, BT-P42 (draadloze) printer en de RS-P42 printers. Mettler Toledo™ Zelfklevende papierrollen voor Mettler Toledo Balance printers zijn vervangende zelfklevende papieren. Paper roll adhesive - 3 rollen

Sartorius™ Ink Ribbon for Sartorius Balance Printers


Ohaus™ Navigator draagbare weegschaal

Designed for a wide range of industrial, food and laboratory weighing applications. Ohaus™ Navigator NV Balances feature ultra-fast response time and superior overload protection. Navigator Lab balans NV 210Gx0,01G LCD

OHAUS™ Interfaceset voor Navigator, Scout Pro en TA-serie weegschalen

Verbindt weegschalen van de Navigator-serie met randapparatuur zoals printers en monitoren. USB KIT FOR NAVIGATOR

Fisherbrand™ Aluminium schaaltjes met geribbelde zijkanten, voor eenmalig gebruik

Useful as evaporating and general utility dishes Weegbakje Alu 200 ml 65mm, 50st.

Sartorius™ Glass Fiber Filters

Mechanical, chemical resistance superior to steel X80 Glasfiberfilters,hard, Sartorius/Denver

Ohaus™ Compacte weegschaal CS-serie

Lichtgewicht, draagbare, elektronische weegschaal, ideaal voor werken buiten het laboratorium. Port.balans CS2000, 2000g-1g incl. adapter

Sartorius™ Quintix™ Analytical Balance

Features integrated application programs, intuitive user guidance for greater efficiency in daily lab routine Balance precision Quintix 35-1S

Sartorius™ Entris™ precisieweegschalen

Delivers effective and reliable weighing results in daily work. Sartorius™ Entris™ Precision Balances provide easy and clearly structured user interface, logical key assignment and excellent readability for error-free operation. BALANCE ENTRIS 420G X 0.001G

OHAUS™ Accessoires voor MB35 en MB45 vochtanalyse-apparaten: Glasvezelpads

Accessoire voor gebruik met MB35 en MB45 vochtanalyseapparaten. X200 Glasfiber-filters voor MB45

Sartorius™ Weegschaalprinters

Transfer data automatically or manually. Sartorius&trade ;Balance Printers record individual weighing data and generate a statistical evaluation of weighing data. Values transferred from an on-line weighing instrument are stored. Printer

OHAUS™ Draft Shield Kit for Explorer™ Series Balances

For use with Ohaus Explorer balances. DRAFT SHIELD KIT OHAUS FOR EXPLORER(R) BALANCES

GE Healthcare Kjeldahl-weegpapier

Gemaakt van pergamijn papier. Whatman™-weegpapier van klasse 2122 biedt een uitstekende kwalitatieve overdracht van papier. Glanzend oppervlak bevestigt dat de overdracht volledig is. X500 Weighing Papers, Grade 2122, 100 x 100 mm

OHAUS™ Ink Ribbon for Dot Matrix Printer

SF40A- en SF42A-matrixprinters. Ribbon/Cassette for SF40A Printer

OHAUS™ Sample Pans for MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers

Monsterschaaltjes voor Ohaus-vochtanalyseapparaten van de MB-serie. X3 Houder voor schaaltjes MB45

Macherey-Nagel™ 226 MN weegpapier

Guarantees that weighed goods can be transferred without loss. Macherey Nagel™ Weighing Papers are transparent and smooth on both sides. X100 Weegpapier MN226.9x11,5cm

Ohaus™ Scout Pro draagbare weegschaal

Combines high quality and durable construction into a sleek, compact design. Ohaus™ MB23 Moisture Analyzer features a large backlit LCD display, standard RS232 port, 110g capacity with a readability of 0.01g/0.1% and a non-glass infrared heating element. Vochtbepalingsbalans type MB 23 (infrarood)

Ohaus™ OIML M1 Weight Set, 1g-1kg

Adjusted to meet or exceed OIML M1 tolerances. Ohaus™ OIML M1 Weight Set, 1g-1kg includes 15 weights with a mass ranging from 1g to 1 kg in a sturdy polycarbonate case. M1 gewichtenset 1g -1000gram, 13 gewichten

Fisherbrand™ Aluminium weeg-/droogschotels voor eenmalig gebruik

Designed for weighing, drying and more. Compatible with many popular balances and moisture analyzers. Choice of 10.9cm and 12.2cm diameter dishes. X500 Alu.schlaal 102x8mm vochtbep.-FB

Fisherbrand™ Vochtanalyse-apparaat

Provides high value performance for all budgets and user skill levels. Fisherbrand™ Moisture Analyzer offers full operational flexibility with easy one-button setup, durable construction, a large backlit LCD display, a standard RS232 port, 60g capacity, and halogen heating. Moisture analyzer MBS65 60g/5mg

Sartorius™ Weighing Tables

Prevent damage to the surface of weights with these weighing tables. Sartorius™ Weighing Tables are completely made of cast stone, except for the shock absorbers. BALANCE TABLE

Sartorius™ Printerpapier

Paper for various Sartorius printers. Paper Roll for HX20/YDP01 (pack of 5)

Ohaus™ SD Series Shipping Scale

Designed specifically with affordability, utility, and everyday usage in mind. Ohaus™ SD Series Shipping Scales are robust, portable bench scales that feature a durable steel platform, remote indicator with two tactile function keys, battery operation and flexible mounting capabilities. Balans SD75, 75kg-50g

Sartorius™ Practum™ Precision Weighing Balances

Consistent readings with outstanding repeatability Balance PRACTUM313-1S precision standard360mm x 216mm x 320mm, 120mm pan dia.,

Ohaus™ Explorer Precision Balances

Combine modern features and design elements to offer unmatched functionality in high-performance balances. Ohaus™ Explorer Precision Balances simplify even the most complex laboratory measurements. PRECISION BALANCE OHAUS EX423M EXPLORER(R) OIML