Flessen, potten en kannen

Thermo Scientific™ 9mm Autosampler Vial Screw Thread Caps

Prevent septa push through and over- and under-tightening. With AVCS built into these 9mm screw caps you will get an optimal, consistent seal every time. X100 AVCS 9MM BLUE CAP, ALU DISK, SIL SEAL

Fisherbrand™ White Polypropylene PE Foam/PTFE Cap

Economical alternative to Thermoset and Phenolic PTFE lined caps. Fisherbrand™ White Polypropylene Caps have PTFE facing backed by F217 liners. X144 Plastic screw caps, PTFE faced PE lined, white, size 89/400, Fisherbrand

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Wide-Mouth Straight-Sided PMP Jars with White Polypropylene Screw Closure

Protect against breakage and contamination with museum-quality PMP jars that lose only 2% of formaldehyde per year. X4 Pot TPX 250ml WH + schroefdop

ACROS Organics™ Natural Rubber Septums

X100 Septum 16mm (15.9mm real) natural rubber

Fisherbrand™ Bruingele bewaarflessen met brede opening en PTFE-dop met liner van PE

Feature a wide opening, making them ideal general purpose bottles for solids. Fisherbrand™ Amber Wide-Mouth Packers with PTFE-Faced PE-Lined Caps are the classic vitamin bottles, and are often used in pharmaceutical, chemical, and environmental applications. The amber glass filters out ultraviolet wavelengths to protect light-sensitive solids. X24 fls30ml wh brui gls incl.dop28-400pe/tefl inl

Fisherbrand™ Clear Standard Wide Mouth Bottles without Cap

For pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental applications. Fisherbrand™ Clear Standard Wide Mouth Bottles without Cap are made of glass. X24 250mL Bottle, wide mouth, clear glass, packer, neck size 58/400, supplied without cap, Fisherbra

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Wide-Mouth HDPE Bottles with Closure: Bulk Pack

Fill and dispense liquid from these Nalgene HDPE bottles with ease thanks to the wide-mouth. Offers leakproof sealing when combined with Nalgene closures. FLES RD BREDE HALS HDPE 60M

Corning™ Vented Screw Caps for Falcon™ Flasks

Designed for use with Falcon 25-, 75-, and 175cm2 flasks VENTED CAPS 28 MM T 75

Fisherbrand™ Flessen met brede opening, LDPE

Ungraduated, translucent for better visibility X48 BOTTLE WM LDPE 480ML F

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Certified Wide-Mouth Amber HDPE Bottle with Closure

Recommended for critical projects where sample containment and transport is of elevated concern, featuring durable construction that withstands the rigors of field operations. X72 I-Chem Nalgene 250ml Amber WM Bottle Certified

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polyetherimide Replacement Vacuum Jars

Perform demanding applications with chemical-resistant Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Replacement Vacuum Jars. These jars weigh less than glass and have a warm amber cast. Vakuumglocke, 22,2 l PEI ohne Bodenplatte

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Narrow-Mouth HDPE Bottles with Closure: Shrink-Wrapped Trays

Easily handle these narrow-mouth HDPE bottles that are ready to feed into filling lines for various reagents, and conveniently packaged in shrink-wrap trays. X1050 DIAGNOSTIC BOTTLE HDPE 60ML

Fisherbrand™ Valumetric™-flessen met maataanduiding en doppen met liner van polyvinyl

Store a variety of liquids and solids—dry powders, specimens and soil samples X24 fls125ml wh valumet. incl.dop48-400polyv. inl

Fisherbrand™ Silicone Recessed Septum Stoppers

Niet-toxische en autoclaveerbare verzonken septumstoppen zijn aan de buitenkant gekarteld om een effectieve interne afdichting te creëren X10 Silicone stopper 15mm plug dia

Thermo Scientific™ 11mm Autosampler Vial Crimp Caps

Minimize contamination from handling with pre-assembled caps and septa; compatible with most HPLC and GC autosamplers. X1000 11MM RED, SF TYPE PTFE/RED RUBBER

Thermo Scientific™ 13mm Autosampler Vial Screw Thread Caps

13mm Screw Thread Caps feature a 13-425 thread finish. Available in an assortment of styles, pre-assembled caps and septa minimize contamination. X100 Black phen. cap 13-425,PTFE/Sil.septa

Kimble™ Kim-Kap™-wegwerpsluitingen

Available in natural (clear) or choice of four colors X500 KIM-KAP ø 25 mm blauw

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Right-to-Understand Safety Wash Bottles featuring Globally Harmonized System (GHS) labeling

Prevent chemical accidents in the lab with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Right-to-Understand Wash Bottles. Bottles are labeled following the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). x6 Washbottle LDPE Methanol 500mL Right To Understand (RTU)

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Vented Unitary Right-to-Know LDPE Wash Bottles

Keep hazardous volatile liquids off the lab bench. Unitary wash bottles feature a unique vent system, and eliminate draw tube assembly and associated risk of contamination. X4 Spuitfles 250ml Aceton Nalgene

Nalgene™ Certified Platinum Clean HDPE Bottles and Carboys

Maintain product integrity with certified ultra clean HDPE bottles and carboys. Designed to contain below 1/3 of the allowable particulate matter limits specified in USP <788>. Certified Platinum Clean 33L HDPE Carboy, Sterile, <1/3 USP<788> Particulate Compliant

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Narrow-Mouth LDPE Packaging Bottles with Closure: Bulk Pack

Safely store, ship and package liquids with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Narrow-Mouth LDPE Packaging Bottles with Closure. BOTTLE PACKAGING N/M BULK LDPE,1OZ L/W

Corning™ PET Storage Bottles, Square with Cap

Square polyethylene terephthalate (PET) storage bottles are easier to handle, require less space (13-20%) on the shelf and are ideal for mixing, sampling and storage X24 bottle, 1000ml, PET, wide mouth, w/cap, Individually wrapped, Sterile

Fisherbrand™ Transparante potten met rechte zijden en PTFE-dop met liner van PE

Clear multipurpose jars for maximum content visibility. Qorpak™ Clear Straight-Sided Jars with PTFE-Faced PE-Lined Cap are available in in a wide variety of sizes, from 1 to 32 oz. X12 GLAZEN POTJE 250ML INCL. DOPDop PP met dichting PE/Teflon

Thermo Scientific™ 13mm Autosampler Vial Septa

13mm Septa for use with threaded caps Snap/Crimp Caps are available in PTFE/ Red Rubber, PTFE/Silicone or Red PTFE/White Silicone/Red PTFE. X1000 SEPTUM NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC IVORY PTFE/WHITEsilicone for 4mL screw thread vials 13mm (pack of

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ gefluoreerde HDPE-wasfles voor oplosmiddelen

Eliminate risk of leakage with self-venting Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Fluorinated HDPE Solvent Wash Bottles, which keep the solvent in the bottle. X2 500ML Spuitfles HDPE 500 ml, verp.

Corning™ ProCulture™ Fittings

Sidearm Fitting, Combination, 15 L, 1/4 Tubing , 1st

Corning™ Pouring Rings

For drip-free pouring X50 Polypropylene Pouring Ring, 45mm, Clear

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ HDPE Diagnostic Bottles with Closure: Nonsterile, Tray Pack

Perform many small volume applications with these safe and leakproof diagnostic bottles, ideal for use in test kits, sample storage and reagent shipping. X1500 BOTTLE DIA HDPE 8MLPP-Verschluss 20-415, VE=1500 Stück

Thermo Scientific™ PTFE/Silicone Discs

Combine the inertness of a PTFE coating with the resealability of silicone Thermo Scientific™ PTFE/Silicone Discs. X72 Disc Thermo Scientific Tuf-Bond fits 14mL