Autosamplervials, -doppen en sluitingen

Fisherbrand™ Transparante flacons met krimphals, type N20

Store material in glass vials with crimp necks and closures. Type N20 Clear Crimp Neck Vials come in a variety of shapes. X100 50ml Crimp Neck Vial, 101 x 31mm, clear glass, 1st hydrolytic class

Fisherbrand™ Clear Glass 8mm Screw Neck Vial

Save time during sample preparation and reduce the risk of contamination X100 1.5ml Screw Neck Vial, 8-425 thread, 32 x 11.6mm, clear glass, small opening

Thermo Scientific™ 11mm Clear Glass Crimp Top Vials

Use these 11mm clear glass vials with snap caps or aluminum crimp seal closures. X500 VIAL CHROMACOL MICRO+ SNAP CAP WITH FIXEDinsert Gold grade, with write on patch 0.2mL

Thermo Scientific™ 20mm Headspace Vials & Closures

Save time and reduce risk of contamination. These convenience kits offer matched quantities of 20mm headspace vials and aluminum seals with prefitted septa. Vials Headspace Helder 27ml

Thermo Scientific™ 11mm Autosampler Vial Crimp Caps

Minimize contamination from handling with pre-assembled caps and septa; compatible with most HPLC and GC autosamplers. 11mm,alum seal,ptfe/rubbr,gold, 1000/CsC4011-7Y

Fisherbrand™ UltraClean 9mm Vial Screw Closure


Thermo Scientific™ Opslagflacons en sluitingen

Store your samples in these vials to eliminate leaching of ions while maintaining a consistent pH for the life of your sample. Storage vials range from 2mL to 40mL. X100 Black open top cap, 20-400, , MA: B7807-20

Thermo Scientific™ 9mm Clear Glass Screw Thread Vials

Nearly eliminate septa push-through and improve sealing with vials built with the  innovative Advanced Vial Closure System (AVCS). X100 FLES MET SCHROEFDR. 1,5ML 12

Thermo Scientific™ Sample Storage Assembled Screw Vial Kits

Store your samples with confidence and convenience with these assembled screw vial kits. X100 Vial convenience kit glass vial, flat bottom

Wheaton™ Aluminium afdichtingen: Uit één stuk

Tear-out seals remove completely allowing content to pour from bottle. Wheaton™ Center Disc Tear-Our Aluminum Seals, Unlined are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. X1000 open cap aluminium 20mm

Kimble™ Aluminum Seals for Headspace Vials

Allow for easy access to vial contents X1000 SEAL KIMBLE CRIMP TEAR AWAY ALUMINIUM 20MM(case of 10 x 100 seals)

Thermo Scientific™ 9mm Certified Clear Wide Opening Screw Thread Kits

Use certified clean, low particle, low background vials for your high sensitivity LC/MS and GC/MS applications. They are fully lot-tested for 15 critical parameters.  X100 MS,CRT 1.5 mL TOTAL RECOVERYCLR BLUE BND CAP

Kimble™ Titeseal™ shell vials, 1 ml

8 × 43mm X2000 Titeseal vial/cap 1 ml helder

Fisherbrand™ Ultraclean Autosampler Magnetic Vial Crimp Cap

Fisherbrand crimp seals with septa are quick, convenient, and minimize contamination X1000 11MM MAG CAP SIL/PTFE 1.3MM

Gecertificeerde transparante glazen flacons, 2 ml, 10 mm schroefdraad, met PTFE/siliconenluiting

These Thermo Scientific™ National™ 10mm vials are 2mL, 12x32mm with 10-425 thread finish. They are manufactured from high-quality glass and fit a variety of autosamplers. VIAL 2ML GECERT CLR 9MM 10-4

Thermo Scientific™ 4 mL (13mm) Screw Thread Vials

Manufactured from high quality glass, these 4mL (13mm), 15 x 45mm vials feature 13-425 thread finish and fit a variety of autosamplers. X100 VIAL NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC AP2000 TAPEREDbase, high-recovery polypropylene 13-425 screw

Thermo Scientific™ 9mm Autosampler Vial Screw Thread Caps

Prevent septa push through and over- and under-tightening. With AVCS built into these 9mm screw caps you will get an optimal, consistent seal every time. X500 9MM SCREW CAP (GREEN) SILICONE/PTFE

Wheaton™ E-Z Seals™ Aluminum Vial Caps

X1000 11 mm Seal, Alum Nat, PTFE/Silicone

Thermo Scientific™ National™ dampruimte 20mm, krimpzegels met septum


Fisherbrand™ Combination Seal Aluminum Vial Crimp Cap

Fisherbrand crimp combination seals with septa are quick, convenient, and minimize contamination X1000 11mm closure, Aluminium

Thermo Scientific™ 8mm Autosampler Inserts

Clear glass or polypropylene inserts for 8mm HPLC and GC autosampler vials are available in a variety of configurations with usable volumes from 125μL to 200μL. X100 5mm Insert, 175µL, Clear Glass, Conical Base,100/Cs, MA: C4012-529

Thermo Scientific™ 13mm Clear Glass Screw Thread Vials

These 13mm vials are 4mL, 15x45mm vials with 13-425 thread finish. They are manufactured from high-quality glass and fit a variety of autosamplers. X100 Silanized waters clr 4ml vial 15x45,C4015-S1

EMD Millipore Amicon™ Ultra 0.5mL Vials

Accessory for Amicon Ultra-0.5 centrifugal filters X96 AMICON ULTRA 0.5ML VIALS

Thermo Scientific™ Open-top Caps without Septum for 8-425 Standard Opening Vials

Thermo Scientific™ National Open-Top Caps without Septum for 8-425 Standard Opening Vials are designed to be used with any 8mm septa. X100 Closure,ppl,s/t,blue, , MA: C4013-98B

Thermo Scientific™ PTFE/Silicone Discs

Combine the inertness of a PTFE coating with the resealability of silicone Thermo Scientific™ PTFE/Silicone Discs. X72 TUF-BOND TEFLON DISCS 72 FOR 100ML

11mm Assembled Autosampler Clear Glass Vial Kit, silver seal, PTFE/red rubber septum

Save time and reduce the risk of contamination using this convenience kit. It includes 100 clear vials pre-assembled with 100 screw thread caps and septa. X100 VIAL KIT NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC TARGET LOVIALglass vial, flatbottom with silver aluminium cap,

13mm Clear Glass Crimp Top Vials, Neisseria Meningitidis, Polyvalent A-D

For use with snap caps or aluminum crimp seal closures, these high-quality 13mm crimp/snap top vials are 4mL, 15x45mm vials and fit a variety of autosamplers. X100 Vial National Scientific snap/crimp, flat