Chromatography Columns and Cartridges

Grace™ Reveleris™ Silica Flash Cartridges

Ideal for speed, resolution and capacity X20 Flash cartridge Grace Davison Reveleris 4g

Omnifit™ EZ Chromatography Columns with Two Adjustable Endpieces

Omnifit™ EZ Chromatography Columns with Two Adjustable Endpieces are ergonomically designed endpieces provide simple and quick height adjustment Diba Omnifit® EZ Chromatography Column w/ 2 Adjustable Endpieces, 50 x 500 mm;

Thermo Scientific™ BetaSil™ C1 Guard Cartridges

Drop-in guard cartridges offer convenience, economy and effective protection for extending column lifetime X4 10x2 .1mm 5u BS C1, Drop-in Guard

Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ Trinity Q1 LC Columns

Simultaneously separate the herbicides diquat and paraquat with Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ Trinity Q1 LC Columns. Acclaim Trinity Q1, 3µm,3.0X100mm

Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD TG-5MS GC Columns

Employ the most widely used MS phase in gas chromatography with the 5% phenyl phase Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD™ TG-5MS GC Column. COLONNE TRACEGOLD GC TG-5MS, 40MX0.15MMX0.15µM

Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD™ TG-WaxMS GC Columns

Analyze FAMEs with excellent thermal stability using the Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD™ TG-WaxMS GC Column. TG-WAXMS GC Column, 30m x 0.32mm x 0.25um

Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD TG-1701MS GC Columns

Features a mix of cyano and phenyl groups for increased polarity and a different elution order relative to less polar columns. TG-1701MS GC Column, 30m x 0.25mm x 0.25um

GE Healthcare Borosilicate Glass XK Chromatography Tubes

Can be used in aqueous solutions and nearly all organic solvents commonly used in liquid chromatography of macromolecules XK 26/20 Tube

SGE™ BP20 (Wax) GC Capillary Columns

Combines innovative phase technology and unique fused silica production capability. SGE™ BP20 (Wax) GC Capillary Columns provides end-to-end separation solutions for all applications. forte BP20 GC Capillary Column

SGE™ BP1 Capillary Columns

Industry-standard nonpolar phase suitable for all routine analyses GC Capillary Column 10M X 0.10MM ID - BP1 0.1UM

Grace™ Reveleris™ SRC C18 Cartridges

Ideal for speed, resolution and capacity Reveleris 12g C18 Flash Cartridge

Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ TR-WaxMS GC Columns

For high-polarity separations for MS analysis, choose this low-bleed, highly stable polar GC column. 60m TRWaxMS 0.25, 0.25um, TRACE GC column

Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD™ TG-OCP I and II GC Columns

Analyze organochlorine pesticides and herbicides with ultra low bleed, superior sensitivity, excellent peak shape and the highest levels of reproducibility. TG-OCP I GC Column, 30m x 0.32mm x 0.32um

Thermo Scientific™ Hypercarb™ Javelin™ Guard HPLC Columns

Offer convenient, easy-to-use protection for analytical HPLC columns X2 10x2.1mm, 5u Hypercarb, Javelin Guard

Kimble Chase™ Borosilicate Glass Chromatography Column with Fritted Disc and PTFE Stopcock Plug

Gravity chromatography column manufactured from medium wall tubing with 821000 PTFE stopcock GLASS COLUMN 64X300MM W/FRIT+PLUG

Thermo Scientific™ Ultrafast UFC-1 Phase GC Columns

Short, narrow-bore columns for use with the Thermo Scientific TRACE GC Ultra Chromatograph UFC-5, 0.1MM 0.4UM 10M

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ PTFE End Fitting for Chromaflex Columns

Replacement PTFE End Fitting with Bed Support for CHROMAFLEX™ and FLEX-COLUMN™ columns END FITTING PTFE 1.0CM

Thermo Scientific™ HyPURITY™ C4 Guard Cartridge

Drop-in guard cartridges offer convenience, economy and effective protection for extending column lifetime X4 10x3 mm, 5u HyPurity C4, Drop-in Guards

Thermo Scientific™ HyPURITY™ C8 Guard Cartridges

Thermo Scientific™ HyPURITY™ C8 Guard Cartridges are available in limited dimensions. Please contact Customer Service for more details. X4 10x4mm, 5u HyPurity C8,, Drop-in Guards

Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ TR-5 GC Columns

Excellent starting columns for method development, Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ TR-5 GC Columns are capable of performing most required separations. 30m TR-5 GC Column, 0.53mm ID ,1um Film

Thermo Scientific™ Trap Column Cartridges Holders with nanoViper Fittings

Works with virtually any valve and any column from any manufacturer.


Thermo Scientific™ GuardGOLD™ Capillary Columns

Protect your analytical column from damage and contamination from nonvolatile materials. GuardGOLD Column, 10m x 0.32mm

Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD TG-1MS GC Columns

Achieve consistent results with this low bleed, stable column. Choose this nonpolar GC column for optimal signal-to-noise ratio, sensitivity and MS integrity. TG-1MS GC Column, 30m x 0.25mm x 0.50um

Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD TG-5MS AMINE GC Columns

Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD TG-5MS AMINE GC Column enables analysis of ppm levels of amines without column priming. TG-5MS AMINE GC Column, 30m x 0.25mm x 1um

Thermo Scientific™ UltraFast™ UFC-WAX GC Columns

Dramatically increase the speed of your analysis with Thermo Scientific™ UltraFast GC columns. UFC-WAX UltraFast Col 0.1mmID0.2 m 5m

Thermo Scientific™ Fluophase™ PFP Javelin™ Guard Columns

Offer convenient, easy to use protection for analytical HPLC columns 20x2.1mm 5u Fluophase PFP,

Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ TR-V1 GC Columns

Thermo Scientific™ TRACE TR-V1 GC Columns are mid-polarity, thick-film columns. 30m TR-V1 GC Column, 0.25mm ID ,1.4um Film

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ PTFE-Plugged Columns

With or without fritted disc GLASKOLOM MONOBLOK 30X500MM