Chromatography Spare Parts

GE Healthcare Pre-flanged Capillary Tubing


GE Healthcare PEEK wartelmoer

Connect piping of varying sizes. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ PEEK Unions are an important accessory for various scientific applications. X5 Union 1/16 inch male/male for AKTA(TM)avant28-9543-26

Thermo Scientific™ PEEK Fingertight Fittings

Ensure HPLC quality and robustness with Thermo Scientific™ PEEK Fingertight Fittings. Upchurch molded delrin plug 10-32, black

GE Healthcare PEEK Luer-aansluiting

Set of two (2) polyetheretherketone 1/16 in. Male/Luer Female connectors for connection of a syringe to the top of a chromatography column in the ÄKTA Chromatography System. Union Luer Female/HPLC male

GE Healthcare PTFE-slang

Gebruikt als accessoire voor chromatografisch systeem. GE Healthcare PTFE-slang heeft een binnendiameter van 1.6 mm. TEFLON TUBE 3M

GE Healthcare PEEK-slangverbinding


Trajan Scientific and Medical PEEK Tubing, 1/16 in. O.D., 50 ft

Designed specifically for modern LC, LCMS and automation useage. A flexible alternative to stainless steel tubing in high pressure applications, it ensures reproducibility in your chromatography flow rates and results through smooth internal surface along with consistent and tight toleranced IDs PEEK TUBING 1/16" OD X 0.004" ID X 50FT

Thermo Scientific™ Septa

Use low bleed, robust BTO Septa for demanding GC-MS applications. X50BTO X-145 9mm

GE Healthcare ETFE-klemring

Ferrules used for chromatography tubing. GE Healthcare Lifescience™ ETFE Ferrule is made from ethylenetetra fluoroethylene and comes with different outside diameters. Ferrules For 1/16inch O.D.Tubing

GE Healthcare PEEK vingertop wartelmoer

Used as a connector for chromatography applications.  GE Healthcare PEEK Fingertip Union  1/16 in. Male/M6 Female. Union M6 Female 1/16inch male

GE Healthcare PEEK Connector Luer/M6

Set of five (5) polyetheretherketone Luer Lock Male/M6 Female connectors for use with the ÄKTAcrossflow tangential flow filtration system. Luerlock male/m6 Female Aktac

GE Healthcare PEEK-slangen

PEEK-slangen worden geleverd in diverse binnendiametermaten.  GE Healthcare Lifescience™ PEEK-slangen zijn belangrijke chromatografieaccessoires. Peek Tubing 1/16inch, I.D. 0.75mm (2 m)

Thermo Scientific™ Stainless Steel Unions, Tees and Crosses

Minimize system dead volumes and ensure reliable high-pressure connections in your HPLC system with Stainless-Steel Unions, Tees and Crosses.

Tee SS 10-32, 1/16 x 0.02'

Thermo Scientific™ Terry Tool Tubing Cutters

Produce clean, 90° cuts of 1/16 in. and 1/8 in. stainless-steel tubing used in your HPLC system with Thermo Scientific™ Terry Tool Tubing Cutters. Tubing cutter 1/8

Thermo Scientific™ PEEK Capillary Tubing

Use these sample loops for your Thermo Scientific™ Rheodyne™ HPLC sample injectors.  PEEK TUBE, 0.005inchID, 5CM, 1/16od

Cole-Parmer™ Poly-Net™ Close-mesh High-density Polyethylene Protective Netting

Provides protection for laboratory glassware 250M HDPE NET 9,6/16MM MAAS

GE Healthcare PEEK wartelmoer, handvast

Uniebevestiging. GE Healthcare PEEK handvaste unie heeft een binnendiameter van 0.3 mm. X4 Union fingertight PEEK 0.3mm I.D.

GE Healthcare FEP Inlet Tubing Kit

INLET TUBING KIT (1/8')18-1119-26

GE Healthcare Marprene Pump Tubing

For use in protein purification applications MARPRENE TUBING, AKTA

GE Healthcare Polypropyleen steunzeef

For use with XK and HiScale Columns X5 Support screen XK 50, AK 50, AK 50 FF (pack of5)

GE Healthcare Netring van polypropyleen/polyamide

Used with XK 26 Columns and C 26 Columns. GE Healthcare PolyPropylene Polyamide Net Rings are designed for i.d 26 mm, 10 µm columns. 10UM Net Rings,

GE Healthcare ETFE Capillary Tubing

For use with ÄKTA chromatography systems. GE Healthcare ETFE Capilary Tubing is available in a range of sizes. Tefzel Tubing.2M/DO.75/ 2/pk

S.C.A.T.™ PTFE Fitting

Fitting for capillary con. 4,76mm OD, PTFE, white

Thermo Scientific™ RheFlex™ High-Pressure Fittings

Ensure reliable high-pressure connections with Thermo Scientific™ RheFlex™ High-Pressure Fittings. X5 Long Bushings & ferrules Pack of 5

Cole-Parmer™ Manifold Mixing Solenoid Valve

Feature low power consumption, minimal dead volume, and fast response time for all your mixing needs. Solenoid mixing valves come with 15 inch (26 gauge) PTFE-coated lead wires. VALVE SOLENOID 3 INTL 12V PEEK

Thermo Scientific™ 316 Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing for HPLC

Use cleaned, polished, passivated and ready-to-use Thermo Scientific™ 316 Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing for HPLC. 0 .005inch x 1/16 x 1m, SS tubing

Cole-Parmer™ CPC™ Ten-line Polypropylene Coupling Insert

Easily handle multiple tubing lines in processes that require connection and reconnection. Multiline couplings simplify the manual steps in your process for quick transfers and minimize your down time. 10-LINE INSERT M 1/8'' ID