Reserveonderdelen voor chromatografie

Thermo Scientific™ Uniguard™ Direct-Connection Guard Cartridge Holders

Eliminate the requirement for extra fittings with Thermo Scientific™ Uniguard Direct-Connection Guard Cartridge Holders. Uniguard Holder 4/4.6mm, Uniguard Holder

Thermo Scientific™ Septa

Use low bleed, robust BTO Septa for demanding GC-MS applications. X48 TR-GREEEN SEPTA 12.7MM DIAMETER IN BLISTERS

Whatman™ Polydisc GW In-line filters

Allows filtration of larger volumes of even heavily particle-laden samples. Whatman™ Polydisc GW In-Line Filters are batch certified for low background values for the determination of trace elements. SPUITFILTER POLYDISC GW KWART

Thermo Scientific™ Polymer Tubing Cutter

Produces a flat, 90°, burr-free end X5 Replacement blade, for A-327, pk5

Thermo Scientific™ Super Clean™ Gas Cartridge Filters

Improve gas quality and optimize GC analysis with easy-to-use Thermo Scientific™ Super Clean™ Gas Cartridge Filters.

Hydrocarbon Cartridge, no indicator

GE Healthcare™ PEEK vingertop wartelmoer

Used as a connector for chromatography applications.  GE Healthcare PEEK Fingertip Union  1/16" Male/M6 Female. Union M6 Female 1/16inch male

S.C.A.T.™ HPLC Safety Set

Extract and dispose of your laboratory pollution with S.C.A.T.™ HPLC Safety Set. All products are specially matched to the system. HPLC Safety Set

SGE™ 15% Grafiet/85% Vespel™ verkleinende klemringen

Mechanically robust for long lifetimes X10 GVF4-060 VESPEL FERRULE

Thermo Scientific™ Capillary Column End Caps

Eliminate column contamination with these universal, reusable, color-coded end caps. X10 GC Column end caps

Thermo Scientific™ GLD Pro gaslekdetector

Quickly locate and identify gas leaks in your GC instrument with the Thermo Scientific™ GLD Pro Gas Leak Detector. GLD Pro Gas Leak Detector, Thermo brand

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 50mm Inline Syringe Filter with PTFE Membrane

Filter aggressive chemicals, including acids and non-aqueous solvents such as those used in GC and HPLC with this in-line syringe filter with PTFE membrane. X10 FILTER IN-LINE PTFE 50MM 0.45

Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Therm™ Heating and Stirring Modules

Perform derivatization and other small-scale reactions reliably and with ease.

Reacti-Probe Temp Sensor, 1 pcs

Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ SST Guard Cartridge Holders

Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim SST Guard Cartridge Holders are version 1 and 2 for seemless connection with Acclaim columns V-2 GUARD HOLDER SST

GE Healthcare PTFE-slang

Gebruikt als accessoire voor chromatografisch systeem. GE Healthcare PTFE-slang heeft een binnendiameter van 1.6 mm. TEFLON TUBE 3M

GE Healthcare Tricorn™-filterkit

TRICORN 5 Filter Kitfiltter and O-ring 3x1mm (EPDM)

GE Healthcare PEEK Tubing Kit


GE Healthcare O-ring

Use in aqueous solutions and nearly all organic solvents commonly used in liquid chromatography of macromolecules. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ O-rings are made of nitrile rubber. X10 O-ring for AC 10 for flow adapters and bottom

Scat™ Polypropylene Thread Adapter

Thread Adapter PP, S60 (f) to S55 (m)

Thermo Scientific™ SWAP-IT™ GC-MS Interface System

Make column changeovers quick and easy. Use this GC-MS interface system to switch capillary columns without the need to vent your mass spectrometer (MS).

SWAP-IT GCMS Interface, Thermo, pk1

Thermo Scientific™ PEEKsil™ Capillary Tubing

Get excellent chemical compatibility and very low carryover using the highly inert Thermo Scientific™ PEEKsil™ Capillary Tubing. X2 Tubing 500x0.175mm PEEKsil

Thermo Scientific™ Retention Gap Kits

Install a retention gap/guard column to your analytical column with a single kit. Deactivated Silica Kapillare, 0.53mm, 1m

Thermo Scientific™ Javelin™ Direct-Connection Column Filters

Protect HPLC systems with one-piece Thermo Scientific™ Javelin Direct-Connection Column Filters.

X4Javelin ColFilter 3mm, Column Filter

Thermo Scientific™ Pre-cut PEEK Tubing in a 5-foot Coil

Thermo Scientific™ Pre-cut PEEK Tubing in a 5-foot Coil is easily cut to the desired length. TUBING PRECUT FOR HPLC PEEK NOTresistant to nitric/sulfuric acid DCM THF DMSO

Thermo Scientific™ Gas Chromatography 3-Port SilFlow Replacement Parts

Switch your GC column in GC-MS without having to vent.