Spuiten voor chromatografie

Hamilton™ Microlab™ 600 Diluter/Dispenser System

Dilute/Dispense with better than 99% accuracy, independent of a liquid's viscosity, vapor pressure, and temperature. Microlab™ 600 Diluter/Dispenser System is a highly precise syringe pump with a graphical user interface designed to quickly and easily dilute and dispense volumes from 10μL to 50mL.  CUSTOM PROGRAMMER KIT

Thermo Scientific™ GC-injectiespuiten voor TriPlus™ RSH autosampler

Easily accomplish accurate, precise, and reproducible injections with Thermo Scientific™ GC Syringes for Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus™ RSH Autosampler. Fixed needle syringes 10µlFN RSH 57 mm, 26s Gauge

Hamilton™ Injectiespuiten voor GC PAL-autosamplers, CTC en LEAP Technologies: Gastight

Ontworpen voor gebruik in PAL GC-xt-, PAL COMBI-xt-, PAL COMBI-xt extended en andere autosamplersystemen SYRINGE HAMILTON CTC LEAP HEADSPACE 1002 FIXEDneedle 26needle gauge point style 5 conical with

Hamilton™ en Gastight™ Agilent 7670, 7671, en 7672 ALS GC gecementeerde injectiespuit voor autosamplers

Ontworpen voor gebruik met Agilent 7670, 7671, en 7672 automatische vloeistofsampler, gaschromatografie-autosamplers. Gastight™ Agilent 7670, 7671 en 7672 ALS GC gecementeerde injectiespuiten voor autosamplers beschikken over een PTFE-plunjerpunt die een nauwsluitende verbinding verzorgt tussen de spuitcilinder en de plunjer, zodat vloeistof- of gasbemonstering mogelijk is. 701N 10ul Hamilton

BD™ BD Biosciences™ Syringe

X5700 Inj.Spuit 2 ml 2-delig n.ster. - bulk

BD™ BD Combi™ Plug

Provides protection for both male and female Luer Lock connections. BD™ Combi Plug acts as a protective cap to intravenous infusion lines and catheters and as a cap for Luer syringes. Caps are made from sterile orange polypropylene and are individually packaged. X100 Doppen luer lock voor injectiespuit

B Braun™ Ultrascherpe roestvrijstalen naalden met stompe canule

Vervaardigd van roestvrij chroomnikkelstaal met transparante luer-lock-hub van polypropyleen. B Braun™ Sterican™-naalden voor eenmalig gebruik hebben een uiterst glad oppervlak met lichte siliconen coating voor zo min mogelijk pijn bij prikken. Special Needles, Stericant Blunt D= 0.8m L = 22mm

Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus RSH Autosampler Fixed GT Needle Syringe

Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus RSH Autosampler Fixed GT Needle Syringes are accurate and reproducible over a range of volumes. Syringe Thermo Scientific fixed, gas tight needle

Thermo Scientific™ Manual, Removable-Needle, Gas Tight Syringes for GC Instruments

Use Thermo Scientific™ Removable Needle Syringes for accurate and reproducible manual sample introduction into GC instruments, with or without the needle.


B Braun™ Discofix™ C latexvrije driewegafsluitkleppen

Zwenkwielen kunnen zowel axiaal als radiaal worden vergrendeld voor een veilige en snelle aansluiting. B Braun™ Discofix™ 3-Way-afsluitkraan is geschikt voor alle bestaande drukinfuussystemen. Discofix DreiwegehahnDiscofix® 3-way Stopcock

Trajan™ Carlo Erba On-Column Syringe

On-column syringes require the needle OD to be smaller than the ID of the capillary column with which it is used. For use with Carlo Erba products SYRINGE,0.5µL,REMOVABLE NEEDLE,75MM,FOR ON-COLUMN. Stainless Steel

Hamilton™ Gastight™-injectiespuiten, 1700-serie: RN-aansluiting

Gastight version of the original 700 series syringes, ideal for dispensing volumes from 1 up to 500μL SYRINGE HAMILTON 1725RN REMOVABLE NEEDLE GASTIGHT1700series 250µL

Hamilton™ Gastight™-injectiespuiten, 1000-serie: Injectiespuit met Luer-Lock, TLL-aansluiting

Mid-volume GASTIGHT syringe ideal for dispensing volumes from 100 μL up to 100 mL.  Suit with slots 5000 ul needle not included

Thermo Scientific™ Luer-Tip, Gas-Tight Manual Syringes for GC Systems

Get a gas-tight syringe for manual injections. This syringe features a Luer-Tip connection and is available in a variety of sizes. 5ML RSH FN GT HS SYR 65MM LENGTH 22G

Gilson™ DistriTips™-injectiespuiten

Het gebruik van Gilson™’s pipetteersysteem garandeert nauwkeurigheid en precisie. Gilson™ DistriTips™-injectiespuiten hebben een aliquotvolumebereik van 1 µl tot 1.25 ml

Hamilton™ Gastight™-injectiespuiten, 1000-serie: Injectiespuiten met vaste naald, LTN-aansluiting, 22 gauge, naaldlengte 2 inch

Mid-volume GASTIGHT syringe ideal for dispensing volumes from 100 μL up to 100 mL. A variety of different terminations and needle options are available in this series. Hamilton 2,5ml, model 1002 LTN SYR

B Braun™ Combi-Stopper Closing Cones

Combi Stopper 'weiß', Lock Innen/Außen VE=100Stück

Hamilton™ Constant Rate-700 HPLC Syringes & Replacement Parts

Syringes are designed to delive reasy, reproducible injection of liquid samples into an injector on HPLC instrumentation. The CR-700 standardizes three major variables: sample volume, rate of injection, and depth of needle penetration. Even when operated by different technicians, the CR-700 provides reproducibility of +1% of the total syringe volume in routine procedures. X3 Kanuelen, für CR-700

SGE™ Gastight-injectiespuiten: Modellen met verwijderbare naalden

Geschikt voor vloeistof- en gasmonsters MICROSPUIT 10µL GAZ NAALD UITNEEMB

Thermo Scientific™ Manual, Fixed Needle, Gas Tight Syringes for GC Instruments

Choose Thermo Scientific™ Fixed-Needle, Gas-Tight Syringes for manual accurate, reproducible GC sample introduction using an affixed needle and a plunger that creates a tight seal.


SGE™ Standaard injectiespuiten met vaste naald, serie II

Standard syringes with anti-roll flange and needles that are aligned with zero mark on barrel to reduce dead volume, improve accuracy and precision to <±1% MICROSPUIT 25µL NAALD GEFIXEERD

Hamilton™ Gemodificeerde Microliter™-injectiespuiten, 7000-serie

This series of syringes is ideal for dispensing volumes from 0.05 µL up to 5 µL. The 7000 series is the only zero dead volume syringe. The fine gauge plunger wire travels to the tip of the needle ensuring that all solvent is expelled from the needle. Spuit 1 ul, type 7101N

Trajan™ SuperFlex™ Microsyringes

Super elastic alloy plunger that will not bend or kink. Include an extended barrel and reinforced plunger that provides additional protection. X6 SK-10FX-5C 10UL SYRINGE

Hamilton™ Threaded Plunger 1700 and 1000 Series Gastight™ Syringes

For applications requiring extremely precise plunger movement or minute fluid manipulation 1710 TPLT 100µL Syr

Hamilton™ Microliter™ en Gastight™ CTC en LEAP Technologies LC PAL injectiespuiten voor autosampler

Ontworpen voor gebruik in CTC LC PAL-, HTC PAL-, HTS PAL- HTX PAL-, PAL HTC-xt-, PAL HTS-xt-, PAL HTX-xt extended en andere autosamplers 1710 N CTC (22/3)

Thermo Scientific™ Male Luer-LOK Priming Syringes

Thermo Scientific™ Male Luer-LOK Priming Syringes offer easy, accurate and reproducible manual injections. HPLC Priming Spritze Male Luer-LOK, 50mL

Thermo Scientific™ Standard Fixed Needle Syringes for Rheodyne/Valco™ Injectors

Thermo Scientific™ Standard Fixed Needle Syringes for Rheodyne/Valco Injectors offer easy, accurate and reproducible manual injections. LC Syr, FN,10 UL, 22, 2in,

Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus RSH Autosampler Fixed Needle Syringe, 10μL

Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus RSH Autosampler Fixed Needle Syringes are accurate and reproducible over a range of volumes. 10µL RSH FN GT SYR 85MM LENGTH 26SG

Thermo Scientific™ Fixed Needle Syringes for GC Instruments

Get accurate, reproducible results from these fixed-needle syringes for Thermo Scientific™ and Agilent GC autosamplers.

10UL SYR FN 50mm CTC, Gauge 23, Cone Tip

Thermo Scientific™ eVol™ XR Sample Dispensing System Kit

Get up and running quickly. The Thermo Scientific™ eVol™ Sample Dispensing System Kit includes an eVol XR dispensing system and three syringes (5, 50, and 500μL). eVol Dispensing Kit, Dispensing System