Filterhouders en -hardware

EMD Millipore Pressure Vessel

For particle-free filling of vials with extemporaneous drugs, allergenic extracts and ophthalmic solutions 600 ML PRESSURE VESSEL

EMD Millipore™ Microfil™ V-filtratieapparaat

Faster and easier than conventional filter holders used to test drinking water X24 Microfil V unit +pre-assembled 0.22µm 47mm white gridded membrane (cellulose esters), sterile

Whatman™ Vacuümfilterhouders: Glas

Produced from borosilicate glass and available with a choice of support screen. Whatman™ Vacuum-Type Glass Membrane Holder is suitable for aqueous and organic solvent filtration. The funnel seal ensures that the sample does not bypass the membrane and that particulates are retained on the surface of the membrane. TRECHTER 1000MLSUP GESINTERD GLAS

EMD Millipore 13mm Analytical Stainless-Steel Vacuum Filter Holder

Vacuum filter small volumes for precise particulate contamination analysis Analytical Filter Holder 13mm

Kontes™-glaswerk met membraanfilter

Used for routine filtration of corrosive liquids and removal of particles from HPLC solvents TRECHTER 1L GLAS 47MM

EMD Millipore™ Reserveonderdelen voor roestvrijstalen filterhouders van 13 en 25 mm

Use to ultraclean or sterilize small volumes of liquids dispensed by syringe SS Photoetched Screen

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ vulbel van polycarbonaat

Transfer sterile media aseptically from large containers to small media bottles or culture vessels using the Thermo Scientifc™ Nalgene™ Polycarbonate Filling Bell. Filling bell 70mm PC - Nalgene

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Filter Funnel Adapter

Use this bulk-packed version of funnel adapters included with 145- and 147-series analytical test filter funnels in high throughput QC testing laboratories. X25 145 FUN ADP,BK

EMD Millipore™ Filter Holder Vacuum Manifolds

Provide vacuum support for simultaneous filtration of either three or six test samples 3-place manifold, 47 mm, stainless steel

EMD Millipore Vacuum Base and Cap

Accessory for MilliSolve™ Filtration System and All-Glass Filter Holder Assembly BASIS GLAS MET VACUUMAANSL. 47MM

EMD Millipore™ Accessoires en reserveonderdelen voor glazen vacuümfilters van 25 mm voor microanalyse

Accessories for filter holders for sample preparation. Support screen RVS 25MM

GE Healthcare, Whatman MV050 Series Vacuum Filtration Apparatus

MV series vacuum filtration devices are made of stainless steel, which is especially suitable for microbiological applications. MV 050A/0 VACUUM FILTERHOLDER,500M

Kimble-Chase Kontes™ Component Parts for 25mm Ultra-Ware™ Microfiltration Assembly

Component parts for 25mm Ultra-Ware ™microfiltration assembly SPARE FRIT 25MM

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Vacuum Gasket for Filter Funnels

Replace #7 or #8 stoppers in any manifold or filtering flask with the Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Vacuum Gasket for Filter Funnels. X6 TPE REDUCER 28 - 40 MM

Kontes™ Ultra-Ware™ Microfiltration Assembly with Fritted Glass support and GL 45 Style Bottle (47mm)

Designed to collect filtrate directly into a media-style bottle MICROFILTRATION ASSEMBLY ULTRA WAR

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Vacuum Manifold

Widely spaced outlets permit easy funnel manipulation Filter Manifold Stopcock

Kontes™ Ultra-Ware™ Microfiltration Assembly with Fritted Glass Support and Ground Joint (90mm)

Designed for large volume filtration analysis of corrosive liquids or samples with high particulate loads that would tend to clog a 47 mm diameter filter TOESTEL COMPLEET TT GLAS 1L

Kontes™ Ultra-Ware™ Microfiltration Assembly with Fritted Glass Support (90mm)

Designed for large sample volumes or samples with high particulate loads that would tend to clog a 47 mm diameter filter FUNNEL/SUPPORT ASSY 90MM

PYREX™ 47mm Microfiltration Glassware Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts for Corning PYREX 47mm Microfiltration Glassware Apparatus (13-645-088, sold separately) Erlenmeyer 4 ltr 40/35 - PYREX

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Vacuum Manifold

Allow for easy funnel manipulation with the widely spaced funnels of this vacuum manifold. This stable benchtop unit is made of high quality stainless steel. FILTRATIE AFZUIGSYSTEEM RVS 3 PLAA

Kontes™ Ultra-Ware™ Microfiltration Assembly with Stainless Steel Support and Ground Joint (47mm)

Recommended when filtering viscous or proteinaceous solutions to give the maximum flow rate FILTRATIEEENHEID GLAS 4

Kimble™ Accessoires en reserveonderdelen voor Kontes™ Ultra-Ware™-filtereenheden

47 mm met ondersteuning van roestvrij staal FRITTED GLASS SUPPORT

Kimble-Chase Kontes™ Clamps


Kontes™ Ultra-Ware™ Microfiltration Assembly with Fritted Glass Support and Ground Joint (47mm)

Recommended for routine filtration analysis of corrosive liquids and the removal of particulates from HPLC solvents GLASS FILTRATION SYST. 300ML