Filterhouders en -hardware

Merck™ Base and Cap for Vacuum Filtration with Glass Frit Support

Designed to replace parts contained in glass vacuum filtration kits or provide for an alternative configuration Vacuum Glass Base And Cap, 47mm

Merck™ Funnel, 300mL for 47mm Glass Vacuum Filter Holders

Replacement part for models XX1014700 / XX1014730 / XX1514700 vacuum filter assemblies. Merck™ Funnel, 300mL for 47mm Glass Vacuum Filter Holders is a graduated funnel made of autoclavable borosilicate glass. Glass funnel, borosilcate, 300ML

Merck™ Filter Holder Vacuum Manifolds

Provide vacuum support for simultaneous filtration of either three or six test samples 3-place manifold, 47 mm, stainless steel

Merck™ Dispensing Pressure Vessels

Holds liquid for filtration through pressure-operated filter holders, if connected to an external pressure source PRESSURE VESSEL 316SS 20L

MilliporeSigma™ Glass Vacuum Filter Holder, 47mm

Includes 300mL funnel, fritted base and cap, clamp, and alignment sleeve. Glass Vacuum Filter Holders, 47mm are used in vacuum filtration of liquids to produce clarified or particulate-free filtrate or to analyze particulate or biological contamination retained on the filter surface. Glass filter holder assembly, stainless steel screen, with 300 mL funnel, base, stopper, clamp, alig

Merck™ Glass Vacuum Filter Holder: 90 mm

Vacuum filter aqueous, organic, or corrosive liquids for particulate contamination analysis. Glass Filter Holder W/SS Screen, 90mm

Merck™ Swinnex™-filterhouders

Ultraclean or sterilize small volumes of liquids dispensed by syringe X10Filterholder Swinnex diam 13mm

GE Healthcare Whatman™ AS 600 Series Filtration Manifold

Stainless steel filter funnel six-place manifold, for microbiology monitors and analytical funnels SS VACUUMMANI 6-PLACE

Merck™ Base and Stopper for 47mm Glass Vacuum Filter Holders

Replacement part for the XX1014700/XX5014700 vacuum filter assemblies. Merck™ Base and Stopper for 47mm Glass Vacuum Filter Holders is a borosilicate fritted-glass filter holder base with a silicone stopper that is used to connect the filter assembly to the filtering flask or manifold. Fritted Glass Base For 47mm Glass/Filter Holder With Stopper

MilliporeSigma™ All-Glass Filter Holder Kit

All-Glass Filter Holder was designed for the filtration of aqueous and organic or corrosive liquids for particulate contamination analysis. Glass Filter Holder 90mm, Frit Support

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Swin-Lok™ Filter Holders

For microfiltration and ultra cleaning of small volumes of liquids PLASTIC FILTER HOLDERS 47 MM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Membrane Holder, glass reservoir

Vacuum-Type Glass Membrane Holder, glass reservoir, 47 mm, 300 ml volume, membrane filter accessories Glass reservoir for FG47 (300ml)

Deutsch Neumann™ Vulringen van grijs natuurrubber

Excellent for general laboratory use. Deutsch Neumann™ Grey Rubber Spacers for Filtering (GUKO) are manufactured from natural rubber. Guko-Dichtung 50 mm

DWK Life Sciences Kimble-Chase Kontes™-componentonderdelen voor 47 mm Ultra-Ware™-microfiltratie-eenheid

For ultra-ware microfiltration assembly with stainless steel support ROOSTER RVS VOOR 5292F

Cole-Parmer™ PTFE O-Ring/Gasket/Seal


Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ vulbel van polycarbonaat

Transfer sterile media aseptically from large containers to small media bottles or culture vessels using the Thermo Scientifc™ Nalgene™ Polycarbonate Filling Bell. Filling bell 70mm PC - Nalgene

Merck™ Microfil™ V-filtratieapparaat

Filter water and other beverages.  Microfil™ V Filtration Device is a sterile filter that can contain 100mL. X24 Microfil V unit +pre-assembled 0.22µm 47mm white gridded membrane (cellulose esters), sterile

Merck™ 142mm Hazardous Waste Filter System Replacement Parts

Accessories for filter holders for sample preparation. AANDRAAISLEUTEL

Merck™ Reserveonderdelen voor Swinnex™-filterhouders

Use to ultraclean or sterilize small volumes of liquids dispensed by syringe X30support screen 25mm swinnex filterhouder

Merck™ Sterifil™ 47mm Aseptic Vacuum Filter System and Holder

Closed unit for particulate or biological contamination analysis 47mm aseptic system and holder

Millipore™ Stainless Steel Support Frit

Provides support for membrane filters used with Millipore™ Analytical Filter Holder Assemblies. Millipore Stainless Steel Support Frits are fully autoclavable. FRITTED STEEL SUPPORT

GE Healthcare Whatman™ AS 300 Series Filtration Manifolds

Stainless steel filter funnel three-place manifold, for microbiology monitors and analytical funnels SS VACUUMMANI 3-PLACE

Duran™ Sintered Glass Filter Disc, 20mm Diameter

Duran™ glass filter for filtration both during analytical as well as preparative work. X10 DURAN Filter discs, POR.5, D. 20 mm

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Ultra-Ware™ Microfiltration Assembly with Stainless Steel Support and Ground Joint (90mm)

Recommended when filtering large volumes of viscous or proteinaceous solutions to give the maximum flow rate TOESTEL FILTRATIE GLAS 1L

Cole-Parmer™ Advantec 301900 Pressure Filtration Holder

Process samples from an in-line system or pressure vessel with this stainless steel holder. Cole-Parmer™ Advantec 301900 Pressure Filtration Holders maximize flow rates by applying positive pressure to the fluid over a broad membrane surface. FILTERHOUDER RVS 304 142MM

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Filter Funnel Adapter

Use this bulk-packed version of funnel adapters included with 145- and 147-series analytical test filter funnels in high throughput QC testing laboratories. X25 145 FUN ADP,BK

R&L Enterprises™ Rexaloy-filterpomp, vernikkeld messing

Evacuates a 1L system to 200mbar in 40 seconds (water supply at 170kPa, consumption 3.5L). R&L Enterprises™ Nickel Plated Brass Vacuum Pumps do not require a tail pipe. Filter pump nickel plated brass

Kontes™-glaswerk met membraanfilter

Used for routine filtration of corrosive liquids and removal of particles from HPLC solvents 62704E REK GLAS