BrandTech™ Polypropylene Funnels

With volume markings X24 Funnel PP Ø30mm length 45mm stem Ø1.5mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polysulfone Filter Holder with Funnel

Use the Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polysulfone Filter Holder with Funnel with any filtering flask or manifold that accepts a suitable rubber stopper with hole. Filterholder+funnel 250 ml

Kartell™ Analytische trechter van polypropyleen

Gemaakt van polypropyleen voor kracht en duurzaamheid. Kartell™ analytische trechters van polypropyleen zijn speciaal ontworpen voor analytische chemie. Trechter PP 46mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Analytical Test Filter Funnels

Perform microbiological QC testing and analysis of water, food/beverage, raw material and finished product with these economical sterile disposable funnels. X50 Filtreertrechter 250ml PP,0,45µm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polysulfone Reusable Bottle Top Filters

Combine the convenience of a bottle top filter with the savings of a reusable bottle top filter. Screw securely onto glass media bottles with 33 or 45mm neck sizes. TOP FILTER PSF 500ML VR 33MM HALS

Lenz Laborglasinstrumente™ Borosilicate Glass Conical Filter Funnels

Lenz Laborglasinstrumente™ Borosilicate Glass Conical Filter Funnel is a laboratory funnel used for separating solids from liquids via the process of filtration. In order to achieve this, a cone-like shaped piece of filter paper is usually folded into a cone and placed within the funnel. Filtertrechter,konisch, por4. 25ml

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Büchner Funnels

Lightweight, but not top-heavy. Buchner funnel 315ml PP

Kontes™-glaswerk met membraanfilter

Used for routine filtration of corrosive liquids and removal of particles from HPLC solvents TRECHTER 47MM 300ML

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Sterile Analytical Filter Funnels

Easily retrieve filter membranes for growth and analysis using these funnels. They are useful for large volume microbiological QC samples. X12 ANALYTICAL FILTER FUNNEL0.45µL CN MEMBRANE

Millipore™ Milliflex-100™ Durapore™ Filtration Device

Combines broad chemical compatibility with low protein binding. Millipore™ Milliflex-100™ Durapore™ Filtration Devices are a funnel and gridded membrane filter in one. X24 Milliflex funnels, 0.45µm white plain, PVDF

Duran™ Adapters

Filter Crucible / Funnel Adapter X10 STEM FOR FILTER CRUCIBLE

Sartorius™ Funnels for Combisart™


Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ herbruikbare filtertrechter met klem

Perform high throughput particle and microbiological QC testing using this reusable filter funnel. Quick release clamp provides fast and easy retrieval of membranes. ENTONNOIR FILTRATION PSF 250ML

Duran™ Funnel with 250mL Scale for Filtering Apparatus

Component of filtering apparatus Funnel for filtration DURAN apparatus

Kartell™ Buchner-trechters van polypropyleen

Vervaardigd van robuust, lichtgewicht polypropyleen voor duurzaamheid en uitstekende chemische bestendigheid. Kartell™ polypropyleen Buchner-trechters met integraal filter zijn ideaal voor het scheiden van vaste stoffen van vloeistoffen in een laboratorium. Buchnertrechter 82mm

Bochem™ Copper/Plastic Funnel Filter

Specifically sized and suited for use in a funnel. Bochem™ Copper/Plastic Funnel Filter is made of two materials for durability and resistance. Siebeinsatz Kupfer/Kunststoff Durchmesser = 105mm

Kartell™ Trechter voor algemeen gebruik, HDPE

Vervaardigd van HDPE voor optimale sterkte en chemische bestendigheid. Kartell™ HDPE-trechters voor algemeen gebruik bieden veiligheid en precisie bij het vullen van flessen in het laboratorium. Trechter HPE 154mm

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Parts for Microfiltration Assemblies

For use with ULTRA-WARE™ microfiltration assembly ROOSTER 90MM VOOR BASIS 53369

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ DISPOSAFLEX™ Polypropylene Luer Fitting only

These Polypropylene Luer Fittings are component parts for DISPOSAFLEX™ Columns. X50 Luer tip PP

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Büchner Two-Piece Polypropylene Funnels

Separate the lightweight and durable Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Büchner Two-Piece Polypropylene Funnels for easy cleaning. These funnels won't chip, crack or break. X6 Buchnertrechter 70mm pp nalge

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Reusable Filter Holders with Receiver

Eliminate the need for a manifold or breakable glass vacuum flask. Nalgene Reusable Filter Holders with Receiver are complete, environmentally-friendly systems. X4 UNITE DE FILTRATION PSF 500/1000ML

Kimble™ Glass Funnel

Measure and filter substances in the laboratory with the Kimble™ Glass Funnel, an essential experimentation tool. TRECHTER 15ML GLAS 25MM

Kimble Chase™ Microfiltration Assembly


Thermo Scientific™ Replacement Parts for Nalgene™ Polysulfone Reusable Bottle Top Filters

Gasket or Tube/Funnel Replacements for bottle-top filters. O-RING 45MM

Cole-Parmer™ Advantec™ All-Glass Microanalysis Filter Holder

Ideal for small to medium volumes of liquid Microanalysis Filter Holder, 25 mm, 15 mL

Brand™ Buchner Filter Flasks with Socket

With a lateral socket for pushing in vacuum tubing with an outer diameter of 15-18mm. Filtrierflasche DURAN mit seitlichem Tubus 2000 ml

Brand™ Borosilicate Glass 3.3 Filter Funnels

Manufactured from chemically resistant borosilicate glass, these funnels are an excellent option for filtering in the laboratory. Filter funnel, Boro 3.3 75ml, 11 D 3

EMD Millipore™ Funnel and Locking Ring Assembly

Analyze particulate or biological contamination via vacuum filtration FUNNEL W LOCKING RING

Brand™ Filter Funnel Supports

To support 2 funnels with top outer diameter of 50 to 120mm. Support pour 2 entonnoirs base plate PP

Brand™ Fluted Interior Glass Funnels

Manufactured from Boro 3.3 glass, Brand™ Fluted Interior Glass Funnels are an excellent choice for rapid filtration. X10 Trichter, kurzer Stiel, DURAN, gerippt AD=80 mm, St.AD=12 mm, St.L=80 mm