Producten voor eerstehulpverlening

Corning™ Gosselin™ steriele rechte bakjes van polypropyleen met rode doppen van polyethyleen

Quality sampling tools for secure sample retrieval and shipment X700 Straight container 60ML, PPnatural H70 Ø33 screw cap red, sterile, SAL 10-3

Kartell™ Urinepotjes, polystyreen

Vervaardigd van doorzichtig polypropyleen voor extra sterkte en chemische bestendigheid. Kartell™ polystyreen urinepotjes zijn steriel en niet-steriel verkrijgbaar met kleurgecodeerde schroefdoppen. X250 Urinebeker PP 150 ml/schroefdop-steriel-p.stuk

Kartell™ Containers voor feces

Ontworpen voor het verzamelen en overbrengen van feces. Kartell™ Containers voor fecesmonsters zijn gemaakt van transparant PS met een stop van PP. X1000 Faecespotje PS met indrukstop

Greiner Bio-One™ Conical Bottom Polystyrene Multipurpose Containers with Plastic Screw Cap

Ideal for optical measurements due to its high clarity. X400Testbuis 30ml starand steriel

Gosselin™ Polypropylene Straight Container with Screw Cap

Used in clinical and industrial applications. X1000 Straight container 40ML, PP naH70 Ø30 screwcap red, sterile, SAL 10-3

Medicijnbeker van naturel polypropyleen

X3750 Inneemglaasje 25ml naturel

Gosselin™ Straight Containers

Ontworpen voor monstername, opslag en transport naar laboratoria. Gosselin™ steriel bakje van polypropyleen zijn voorzien van een lekvrije dop. X700 Straight container 60ML, PP naH70 Ø33 screwdcap blue


X3750 Deksel voor inneemglaasje, wit

MLS Polypropylene Medicine Cup

X3750 medicijnbeker 25 ml blauw

BRAND™ Polystyrene Feces Container with Blue Screw Cap

Easy to use with polystyrene screw cap which serves as a sample scoop grip. Includes label. CE-marked according to IVD-Directive 98/79 CE. Stuhlproben-Behälter, PS, unsteril, 30ml, mit

Azlon™ polypropyleen potjes met brede opening met schroefdeksel

Vervaardigd van polypropyleen. Azlon™-containers van polypropyleen met brede opening en schroefdop zijn geschikt voor de autoclaaf met schroefdoppen zonder liner. Ideaal voor opslag van monsters, poeders, dierenvoer en nog veel meer. X72 Jar, wide mouth with screw cap, polypropylene, 30mL

Fisherbrand™ Multifunctionele opslagcontainers voor monsters

Inert to most chemicals including formaldehyde, weak acids and all bases HDPE BEKER 2,5L

Gosselin™ 180mL Polypropylene Straight Container with Screw Cap

Used in clinical and industrial applications. X264 Straight container 180ML, PP natural H102 Ø52 screwd cap blue

Kartell™ Preparaatbakjes voor biologische preparaten, polystyreen

Vervaardigd van kristalhelder polystyreen voor optimaal zicht. Kartell™ polystyreen monstercontainers voor biologische preparaten zijn verkrijgbaar in polyethyleen en kleurgecodeerde rode, polypropyleen schroefdoppen. X400 Urinebeker PS 60 ml/schroefdop-steriel-p.stuk

Cole-Parmer™ Monstercontainers van doorzichtig polypropyleen

Gebruik deze robuuste containers voor diverse soorten opslag. Cole-Parmer™ monstercontainers met schaalverdeling zijn bestand tegen sterke zuren, alkaliën en de meeste organische oplosmiddelen. X100 Urinebeker 125ml etiket/

Gosselin™ Gosselin™ recht bakje met scharnierend deksel van polypropyleen

Provides safe and secure storage, with optimized volume for milk sampling. Gosselin™ Straight Containers with Hinged Cap are manufactured from either clear or blue polystyrene. X240 CONTAINER ASEPTIC PRODUCTION

Corning™ Gosselin™ steriel conisch bakje van polypropyleen

Quality sampling tools for secure sample retrieval and shipment X220 Container fitted snap cap ster

Whatman™ 903 Monsterkaartjes voor eiwit

Save time and costs during sample collection, transport, and archiving. Whatman™ 903 Protein Saver Card (EU) fits in the Whatman™ foil barrier resealable bags for storage. X100 903 PROTEIN SAVER CARD EU

Gosselin™ Straight Containers with Screw Cap

Collect, store, and transport samples. Gosselin™ Straight Containers with Screw Cap are CE marked for clinical use. X1000 Straight container 40ML, PP naH70 Ø30, withred screw cap

Polypropylene Sample Cup

X1000 Monsterpotje pp 44x114mm

Kartell™ Urine and Biological Specimen Container

Constructed of polystyrene for clarity with a polyethylene screw cap for durability. Kartell™ Urine and Biological Specimen Container provides a superior solution for urine collection, storage, and transportation. X600 Urinebeker 60ml m/schr.dop wijdhals

Corning™ Snap-Seal Disposable Plastic Sample Containers

Designed for a wide variety of applications and provide a reliable leak-tight seal when closed properly X200120mL Tall Snap-Seal Sample Containers

Fisherbrand™ Monstercontainers met maataanduiding, polypropyleen

Ideal for specimen collection, transportation and storage PP BEKER 150ML +MAATVERDELIN

CORNING GOSSELIN™ Straight Specimen Containers with Red Cap

CORNING GOSSELIN™ Straight Container, Specimen Vials, PP come in different sizes and quantities, and are available sterile and non-sterile. X600 Straight container 60ML, PP natural H70 Ø33 screw cap red, sterile, 10-3

CORNING GOSSELIN™ Straight Specimen Containers with White Cap

CORNING GOSSELIN™ Straight Container, Specimen Vials, PP come in different sizes and quantities, and are available sterile and non-sterile. X1000 Straight container 40ML, PP naH70 Ø30 screwd cap wh, sterile, SAL 10-3

Kartell™ Faeces Container

Easy means of collecting and transporting faeces samples. Kartell™ Faeces Container includes a spoon to assist in handling the sample. X360 feaces container PS 60ml with PP spoon

Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin Certified Universal Containers – RNase, DNase, human DNA and Pyrogen Free

The most versatile container, working volume 25mL, ideal for molecular biology research and centrifugation applications. x400 30ml Universal Container RNase, DNase, HumanDNA and Pyrogen Free, Graduations and marker spot

Thermo Scientific™ Samco™ Clicktainer™ Vials and Specimen Containers

Thermo Scientific™ Samco™ Clicktainer Vials and Specimen Containers provide excellent sample protection and user safety by ensuring correct cap application the every time.
x320 Clicktainer Vial 90mL/53mm Tabbed Label Orange Cap Sterile Assembled in Dispenser box

3M™ Sponge-Sticks

X100 Sponge-Stick with Neutralizing Buffer

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Universal and Transport Containers with Caps

Safely store and transport blood, urine, fecal and other specimens using Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Universal and Transport Containers with Caps. X300 Container Ps 25Ml Zone Wht St