Beheersing en indamming van gemorste en gelekte stoffen

Fisherbrand™ Universal Absorbent Roll

Fisherbrand™ Universal Absorbent Roll absorbs industrial liquids including oils, water, solvents and coolants X1 Universal Sorbent Roll, 38cm x 46m,absorption capacity 92L

3M™ Industrial Absorbent Sheet

X100 3M Ind. absorptiemid. M-A 2002

3M™ Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Booms

X6 Maintenance Sorbent Mini Boom 7.5cmx2.4m

Fisherbrand™ Oil Only Sorbent Pads

Oil-only sorbent pads are 1-ply, white, light weight, oil only sorbent pad that absorbs oil and petroleum based liquids. The pads repels water and float indefinitely, even when saturated. X200 Oil Only Sorbent Pads, 41cm x 51cm,absorption capacity 221L

3M™ Absorptiekitdispenser

Ideaal voor snelle reactie bij het beperken en reinigen van gemorste chemicaliën. 3M™ chemische absorptiekitdispenser bevat 4 kits met 2 multi-format vellen, nitrilhandschoenen, stoffer en blik, zak en binder voor eenmalig gebruik. Dispensers kunnen aan de muur of op een plank worden gemonteerd voor directe toegang in omgevingen waar veel kans op morsen is. X4 Spill response kit dispenser hazardous chemical 1.5l absorbency per kit. do not use with

Fisherbrand™ Chemical Spill Kit, Absorption Capacity 16L

This economy portable spill kit comes in a high visibility, water-resistant, yellow PVC bag with handles. Designed for small spills of chemicals and hazardous liquids. Ideal for a small storage areas, such as behind or under a seat thanks to its compact size. Chemical Spill Kit: 10pads, 2socs, 1 pair gloves,disposal bag, absorption capacity 16L

Fisherbrand™ Chemical Spill Kit, Absorption Capacity 37L

A portable spill kit that comes in a durable see-through bag with shoulder strap. Designed for small spills of chemicals and hazardous liquids. Requires minimum storage space yet it contains all the sorbents needed to handle a small spill. Chemical Spill Kit: 25 pads, 4 socs, 1 pair glovesdisposal bag, absorption capacity 37L

Fisherbrand™ Chemical Sorbent Socs

Chemical sorbent socs absorb chemicals and hazardous liquids. Strong wicking action, absorption begins instantly with no need to turn the soc. X12 Chemical Sorbents Socs, 7.6cm x 122cm,absorption capacity 45L, 12 socs/box

Carl Roth™ Pyracidosorb

Pyracidosorb Absorptiemiddel 5Kg

Fisherbrand™ Chemical Sorbent Roll

Sorbent rolls are 2-ply, green, medium weight, bonded and double perforated chemical sorbent rolls that absorbs chemicals and hazardous liquids. One sided spunbound gives extra strength as well as less lint. X2 Chemical Sorbent Roll, 38cm x 46m,absorption capacity 147L, 2 rolls/box

Fisherbrand™ Chemical Absorbent Pads

Fisherbrand™ Chemical Absorbent Pads absorb chemicals and hazardous liquids X100 Chemical Sorbent Pads, 41cm x 51cm,absorption capacity 88L

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ kwikvanger

Vangt gemorste kwikdruppels snel en handig op. SP Scienceware™-kwikcollector kan 125 ml kwik bevatten. X12 REPLACEMENT PADS (PACK OF 12)

3M™ Chemical Spill Kits

This chemical spill kit helps make sure you are ready with everything you need to clean up hazardous chemical spills quickly in an emergency situation. Absorptiepakket SK 26

Carl Roth™ Basosorb

5KG Basosorb, 3287.1

Justrite™ Opvangbak

Vangt onvoorziene lekkage op. De opvangbak van de afvaldoos kan containers bevatten met een diameter tot 30.5 cm (12 inch). OPVANGBAK FLES 38X38X19 CM

3M™ Chemical Sorbent

X2 Chemisch absorptiemiddel P 190

3M™ Petroleum Sorbents

For routine use, cleaning up small spills and wiping contaminated areas X100 Olie absorptiemiddel HP 100

Grade 900 Blotting Paper Block

Pad of blotting paper sheets 73g/m2 X50 SLIDE DRYING BLOCK 100X37MM

Fisherbrand™ Spill Alarm

Immediate alert to liquid spills Liquid Alarm

Fisherbrand™ Chemical Sorbent Pads, High Visibility

Yellow colour-coded sorbent pads are highly visible for safety and easy separation of hazardous waste. X100 Chemical Sorbent Pads, High Visibility,38cm x 48cm, absorption capacity 114L

3M™ Petroleum Sorbent Pads

Conveniently sized pads allow the user to quickly spread sorbent over and in the path of a spill. 3M™ Petroleum Sorbent Pads feature a low-profile design for easy placement in tight areas. X200 Oil absorbing sheet 39 x 53 x 0,5cm

Fisherbrand™ Chemical Sorbent Pillow

A chemical sorbent pillow filled with green polypropylene that absorbs chemicals and hazardous liquids. Ideal for absorbing spills and leaking fluids in tight spaces or under persistent drip sources. X32 Chemical sorbents pillows, 23cm x 23cm,absorption capacity 45L, 32 pillows/box

3M™ Spill-kit voor gevaarlijke stoffen

Bevat chemische absorptiemiddelen van inerte, synthetische vezels om overal te gebruiken waar gevaarlijke stoffen worden gebruikt, voor de bescherming van werknemers en apparatuur. 3M™-spill-kits voor gevaarlijke stoffen kunnen worden gebruikt om de gevaarlijke stof direct op te nemen en te bewaren. HAZARD SPILL RESPONSE KIT 3M, 1/CS, MA: TBD

3M™ Maintenance Sorbent Roll

Indicator absorptiemiddel M-B 2002

3M™ Maintenance Sorbent Pillow

X16 Absorbtiemid. 3M industr. MN1001 280x380

3M™ Rollen met chemisch absorptiemiddel

Relatively inert and powerful enough to handle dilute acids, bases, solvents, oils and many other hazardous liquid spills. 3M™ Chemical Absorbent Rolls are flexible enough to be adapted to a wide range of sizes. X2 3M CHEMICAL SORBENT ROLLS

Fisherbrand™ Chemical Sorbent Particulate

Absorbs quickly, thanks to its fast wicking action. Encapsulates spills on contact. Chemical Sorbent Particulate,absorption capacity 177L, 12.3KG

3M™ Standaard chemisch adsorptiemiddel

Absorbeer bijna elke vloeistof met deze chemische absorptiemiddelen X12 CHEMICAL SORBENT MINIBOOMS

3M™ Maintenance Sorbent Multi-Format

X3 Indicator absorptiemiddel M-F 2001

3M™ AB POMPES™ multi-format chemische absorptiemiddelen

Effectively controls aggressive liquid spills including acids and alkalis. 3M™ Multi-format Chemical Sorbent combines four formats in one product; mini-boom, pillow, sheet and roll. 3M CHEMICAL SORBENT MULTI-FORMAT KIT 3 DISPENSERSper case.