Jassen, schorten en overige laboratoriumkleding

Logistik™ Lancer-Style laboratoriumjassen die beschermen tegen spattende chemicaliën

Provide the answer to full frontal protection with Logistik™ Lancer-Style Chemical Splash Laboratory Coats The wrap-over style Lancer front coat helps repel liquid chemicals and provides the wearer with an excellent level of protection since the use of chemicals in a laboratory can prove a constant hazard to standard style open neck coats. Labjas Chemical splash lancer stijl, wit maat M

Buerkle™ PVC-schort, chemicaliënbestendig

Vervaardigd van polyvinylchloride. BRAND™ chemisch bestendige PVC-schort bevat oogjes, halsband en tailleband die in de schort zijn gelast. Versterkte weefselstructuur en constructie zijn van industriële kwaliteit. Chemical Resistant Plastic PVC Apron

Ansell Edmont™ PVC/neopreen

Heavy-duty PVC apron featuring an added stomach patch for extended wear. Ansell Edmont™ Heavy-Duty PVC Apron is made with 20 mil vinyl. PVC Apron, 45 inch -White

Fisherbrand™ Maximum Protection Disposable Shoe Covers

Spunbond polypropolyene shoe covers protect against dirt, grime and certain dry particulates X300 SPP shoe cover, with thread, blue, XL

Mutexil™ Polypropyleen laboratoriumjassen

Wear a Mutexil™ Polypropylene Lab Coat for laboratory settings. The coat comes in various sizes, is disposable and made of polypropylene. LABOJAS POLYPRO 40G AZUR XL

Fisherbrand™ Advanced Protection Disposable Facemasks

Biedt comfortabele bescherming X500 Face mask PP white 2-ply with loops

Kimberly-Clark™ A7 P+™ laboratoriumjassen

Gebruik deze jassen in laboratoriumomgevingen met een lage kans op blootstelling aan chemicaliën en een basale behoefte aan het onder controle houden van besmetting. Kimberly-Clark™ A7 P+™-laboratoriumjassen hebben elastische manchetten en een duimlus voor volledige polsbedekking. De extra lange mouwen helpen de handschoen op zijn plaats te houden. X15 LABCOAT KIMTECH SC A7 P+ SZXXL

Dupont™ Tychem 2000 C Yellow Apron

Offers enhanced protection for body parts that are more exposed to hazardous substances. DuPont™ Tychem™ 2000 C Aprons utilize the strength of Tyvek and a polymeric barrier coating to offer permeation barrier protection against a wide range of inorganic chemicals and biological hazards. X25 Tychem 2000 C Apron One Size yellow

Mutexil™ Haarnetjes

Wear lIghtweight and breathable Mutexil™ Surgical Caps in clinic, hospital , restaurant and food processing settings. The eco-friendly, disposable caps are elastic and easy to wear and are constructed of non-woven polypropylene. X1000 BOUFFANT CAP WHITE 61 CM - BAG

Thermo Scientific™ Cryo Aprons

Protect your clothing with Thermo Scientific™ Cryo Aprons, available in small, medium and large sizes. CRYO APRON MED MEDIUM SIZE

Fisherbrand™ Basic Protection Disposable Beard Cover

Polypropyleen gezichtshaarbedekking voor basisbescherming X500 SPP Beard cover, white, 18 x 42 cm

Kimberly-Clark™ Kleenguard™-laboratoriumjassen

Ideal for laboratory environments with low risk of exposure to chemicals and a basic need for contamination control. Kimberly-Clark™ KIMTECH SCIENCE™ A7 White Laboratory Coats are manufactured from non-woven SMS fabric. LABOJAS M7 LAB SMALL

DuPont™ Tyvek™ coveralls, industrieel model

Vervaardigd van Dupont™ Tyvek™ materiaal. Tyvek™ coveralls industrieel model, zijn aan weerszijden van het kledingstuk antistatisch behandeld. X25 Tyvek 500 Industry Size L white

Logistik™ Howie-Style Unisex laboratoriumjassen met gebreide manchetten, wit

Voorzien van twee lagere zakken. Logistik Unicorp™ Howie-stijl unisex witte laboratoriumjassen met gebreide manchetten voorzien van een overslagstijl met drukknoopsluiting aan de voorzijde voor extra frontale bescherming. Coat Faithful 441YH-V6WH-XL unisex Howie stylestudded front laboratory 245gsm Polyester/Cotton

Emma Safety Footwear Marco (Frontier 112) Safety Shoes

Made with the same care and  attention to detail associated with  high end luxury shoes. Brazilian 2 tone full grain leather combined with nubuck adds to the stylish look. EMMA VEILIGHEIDSSCHOEN MARCO D 48 S3 COGNAC LAAG MODEL TPU ESD

Fisherbrand™ Basic Protection Polypropylene Disposable Lab Coats with Elastic Cuffs

Latex-free spunbond polypropylene construction lab ware X25 Basic PP Lab Coat White size 2XL

Pal International™ Polyethylene Blue Aprons on a Roll

Experience maximum protection from potential spills and splashes with Pal International™ Polyethylene Aprons on a Roll. With halter neck and waist ties, the aprons slip quickly over garments. X1000 Apron Pal on a roll polythene 690 mm x 1070

DuPont™ Tyvek™ herbruikbare beschermende mouwen, smal model

Speciaal ontworpen voor gebruik met Tyvek™ kleding. Dupont™ Tyvek™ Herbruikbare hoezen kunnen extra bescherming bieden voor lichaamsdelen die meer blootstaan aan gevaarlijke stoffen. X200 Tyvek 500 Sleeve One Size white

Mutexil™ Baardkapjes

Use the Mutexil&trade Beard Cover to cover facial hair cover for basic protection. X1000 NONWOVEN BEARD COVER

Emma Safety Footwear Berlin Safety Shoes

Woven textile combined with PU provides a wear-resistant polyurethane that optimally protects the textile. The extremely comfortable PU insole guarantees long-lasting support and cushioning of the foot. Thanks to the Hydro-Tec™ lining, this safety shoe is also particularly breathable. EMMA VEILIGHEIDSSCHOEN BERLIN D 46 S1P GRIJS/BLAUW LAAG MODEL TPU/PUR ESD

Emma Safety Footwear Boston Safety Shoes

The TPU GripForce™ Easy Twist outsole offers maximum grip, is durable and highly recyclable. The integrated lacing prevents pressure points from hooks and eyes and the Hydro-Tec™ lining provides optimal breathability. EMMA VEILIGHEIDSSCHOEN BOSTON D 47 S1P ZWART/GRIJS LAAG MODEL TPU/PUR ESD

Emma Safety Footwear Chicago Safety Shoes

Light and comfortable with knitted textile upper and Nano Carbon Composite protective nose. The TPU GripForce™ Easy Twist outsole offers maximum grip, while The integrated lacing prevents pressure points from hooks and eyes and the Hydro-Tec™ lining provides optimal breathability. EMMA VEILIGHEIDSSCHOEN CHICAGO D 46 S1P GRIJS/ZWART LAAG MODEL TPU/PUR ESD

DuPont™ Tyvek™ PL30-laboratoriumjassen

Offers enhanced protection for body parts that are more exposed to hazardous substances. DuPont™ Tyvek™ 500 Lab Coat with Collar provide an excellent barrier against fine particles and fibres, is ultra-low-linting and antistatically treated. X50 Tyvek500 Labcoat, press stud, pockets L wh

Pal International™ Haarnetjes

Simple but effective hair covering provides the ideal barrier protection in a wide range of environments. Pal International™ Polypropylene Mob Caps are made of soft, comfortable, thermally-bonded polypropylene fiber with an encapsulated double-elastic edge. X1000 Mob cap Pal light polypropylene blue (case

Pal International™ Deluxe Smooth Sole Fabric Overshoes

Designed for a better fit and improved comfort. Pal International™ Deluxe Smooth Sole Fabric Overshoes are especially suitable for labarotories or for visitors to hygienic manufacturing sites. X200 Overshoe Pal non-woven c/w dimpled solepolythene white (case of 200)

SNV Comines™ Katoenen laboratoriumjas

Provides general light protection against splashes in the laboratory. SNV Comines™ Cotton Laboratory Coats are available in a range of sizes. LAB COAT MAN XAVIER COTTON WHITE SNAPS T60/62

Emma Safety Footwear Clyde (Ruffneck) Safety Shoes

Looks and feels like a classic sneaker. The highly supportive reinforced ruff neck heel together with the shock absorbing sole keeps ankles, shins and joints free from stress and injury. EMMA VEILIGHEIDSSCHOEN CLYDE D 49 S3 ZWART HOOG MODEL PUR ESD

3M™ Disposable Protective Overshoe Cover 403

The 3M™ Disposable Overshoe covers 402 are disposable shoe covers designed to provide basic barrier protection to help protect footwear against light liquid splashes and hazardous dusts. X100 Overshoe 3M blue coverall type

Fisherbrand™ Basic Protection Disposable Polypropylene White Lab Coats

Single-use lab coats provide economical, lightweight and breathable protection X30 White PP lab coat 3 pockets size m

Fisherbrand™ Disposable Polyethylene Shoe Covers

Single use, disposable covers provide convenient protection X300 PE shoe cover, blue, XL