Onderhoud en veiligheid van het gebouw

Van Houtum Papier™ Satino Premium Soft and White Facial Tissues

These premium facial tissues comply with the most stringent requirements in terms of comfort, ease of use and personal hygiene. X40 Tissues 20x21 doos 100 satino

Kimberly-Clark™ Kleenex™ gezichtsdoekjes 100% onbewerkte vezel

Provide trusted Kleenex™ softness and performance in offices and hotel washrooms that have a high-quality image. Kimberly-Clark™ Kleenex™ Facial Tissues project an ambiance of comfort and care, while promoting user hygiene and personal standards. X1080 TISSUE KLEENEX =90 PER BOX

Superfos™ UniPak™ polypropyleen emmer

Provides flexible packaging. Superfos™ UniPak™ Polypropylene Buckets match each lid diameter so only one versatile type of lid is needed for a range of sizes. Tamper resistant. pot 280ml wit unipak garantsl.

Synergy Healthcare™ Azowipe™ Hard Surface Disinfecting Wipes

Provides rapid disinfection of hard surfaces. Synergy Healthcare™ Azowipe™ Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipes are non-smearing, strong and durable for everyday use. X200 Azowipe Hard Surface Bactericidal Wipes

Superfos™ SuperCube polypropyleen emmer

Rechth.SuperCube emmer 5,6 Ltr.(deksel=044240)

Superfos™ SuperFlex™ emmer van polypropyleen

May be used for paint applications, building materials or for food (hot or cold filling). Superfos™ SuperFlex™ Polypropylene Bucket is a great, liquid tight option for a broad range of products. Emmer Superflex 15,9 Ltr. (deksel=042425)

Pinnacle Brush™ Borstels voor reageerbuisjes

Excellent for cleaning out narrow test tubes and other hard-to-reach instruments. Pinnacle Brush™ Test Tube Brushes are supplied in packs of 10. X10 BRUSHES TEST TUBE NYLON HEAD DIAMETER 28MM(PACK OF 10)

Bartels Rieger™ Oogspoelfles

Intended for immediate flushing of eyes with water for eye injuries. Bartels Rieger™ Barikos KS™ Eyewash Bottles are filled with washing liquid in a sealed condition. Oogspoelfles Barikos 620ml +vl

Kimberly-Clark™ Cellulose Precision Wipers

Ideal for light duty cleaning. Kimberly Clark™ Cellulose Precision Wipers are for ISO Class 4 or higher laboratory environments. X15 DOOS 196 DOEKJES KIMTECH

Superfos™ SuperFlex™ standaarddeksel van polypropyleen

Manufactured from polypropylene. Superfos™ SuperFlex™ Polypropylene Standard Lid is tamper-evident, yet easy to open and close. Deksel pp v. emmer 7,5 ltr

Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Straight Blunt/Sharp Dissecting Scissors

For precision and quality, use Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Straight Blunt/Sharp Dissecting Scissors, available in premium and standard grades. SHANDON DISSECTING SCISSORS, STANDARD 6.5 IN

Superfos™ SuperCube rechthoekig standaarddeksel

Deksel v. rechthoekige emmer 10,9 ltr.

Zwarte markeerpennen, fijn

Use this pen for a wide range of labeling applications. Black Fine Nib Marker Pens are particularly suitable for tissue and cell culture applications. Markeerstift secureline, zwart

Fisherbrand™ Colored Labeling Tape, Rainbow Pack

Colored Label Tape is useful for many labeling applications. It can be written on and will adhere to most surfaces. X12 Fisherbrand Colored Label Tape: Rainbow Pack

Brady™ FreezerBondz Thermal Transfer Printer Rectangular Labels

Perform well in common laboratory environments such as freezing spray X3000 LABEL FREEZERBONDZ2 23X25MM

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Wit absorberend doekje, Kimtech

Gebruik deze handdoeken voor reinigingswerkzaamheden waarbij pluisvrij werken of het gebruik van chemicaliën vereist is. Kimberly-Clark Professional™ KIMTECH™ absorberende doekjes zijn ontwikkeld voor kritieke toepassingen met oplosmiddelen, inkten en verfstoffen. X1000 ABSORBANT TOWELS KIMTECH

SCA Hygiene Products™ Tork™ poetspapier basic

X2 Tork univ. wiper 320 combi rol 340 mtrx23,5cm

Superfos™ Polypropyleen emmer

Emmer wit pp 3,4ltr >deksel=042421

Reitenspiess™ Borstel voor erlenmeyerzuigers en -flessen

Use Reitenspiess™ Erlenmeyer Piston and Bottles Brush to clean, disinfect and sterilize Ehrlenmeyer laboratory glassware. Erl.borst.Nr.1B,l=340mm,d=45mm

Fisherbrand™ Oppervlaktebeschermingspapier, klasse 604

Designed to protect laboratory surfaces against hazardous spills. Fisherbrand™ Grade 604 Surface Protection Paper guards against damage from acids, toxic, corrosive and radioactive fluids and impacts. Absorberend Papier 46cm X 57cm

Kimberly-Clark™ Wypall™ L10 papieren doekjes

Gebruik deze doekjes voor middelzware schoonmaaktaken zoals het poetsen van glas, gladde oppervlakken en schoonmaakgereedschap. Kimberly-Clark™ WypAll™ L10 papieren doekjes zijn veelzijdig en absorberend, waardoor ze tijdens het vegen niet uit elkaar vallen. X6 WYPALL L10 ROLL CONTROL WHITE

Superfos™ SuperLift™ ronde emmer van polypropyleen

Emmer w pp 16,5ltr superlift>deksel=042390

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Kimwipes™ doekjes voor delicate werkzaamheden

Clean and polish delicate surfaces without scratching or leaving residue. Single-ply Kimwipes™ EX-L wipes are made of a finely textured tissue. Come in a convenient Pop-U™ box with antistatic Lintguard™ polyshield. X60 BOXES OF 280 KIMWIPES® EX-L, 4-1/2' X 8-1/2'

Brady™ PVC First Aid Flags and Angle Plates: Emergency Shower

pictogram veiligheidsdouche wigvormig 151mm

Thermo Scientific™ Cryoware permanente merkstiften en pennen

Permanently identify samples and storage boxes with Thermo Scientific™ Cryoware Permanent Markers and Pens. X4 Cryo stiften assortie zwart

B2M™ Flessenborstels

Clean all types of bottles and tubes. B2M™ Bottle Brushes are available with silk, nylon or goat hair bristles for the full range of uses. Brush styles and sizes are available for efficient cleaning of any size or type of receptacle. X10 FLESSENBORSTEL 30X110MMUit witte zijde lengte 250 mm

Superfos™ Hobbock Round Container

Emmer 33 l handvatten PP

Gosselin™ Gosselin™ polypropyleen emmer met deksel en beugel

Excellent option for general storage in the laboratory. Gosselin™ Polypropylene Buckets with Handle are manufactured from white-colored polypropylene plastic. X45 EMMER PP 5,7L 188X210X195MM

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Wypall™ L40 papieren doekjes

Use these 3-ply single-use wipers for heavy duty wiping tasks such as soaking up industrial spills, cleaning parts and components. Kimberly-Clark Professional™ WYPALL™ L40 Wipers feature Airflex™ base sheet technology. Wipe Wypall L30 Ultra+ 3 ply 330 x 380mm sheets