Verwarmers en verwarmingsmantels

Horst™ Verwarmingstape, type HB

Verwarmingsband HB, 2,5m 600W

Electrothermal™ CMU Metal Controlled and Uncontrolled Heating Mantles

Features aluminum housing that is tough, chemical-resistant, lightweight and easy to clean Verwarmingsmantel 500ml, CMU0500/E

Fisherbrand™ Verwarmingsmantel

Use these heating elements with built in controllers for a variety of applications. Fisherbrand™ Heating Mantles are metal cased with a unique airflow keeping the exterior cool to the touch. Verwarmingsmantel 3L

Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ EM Series Electromantle Heating Mantle

Use these heating mantles for a variety of applications. Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ EM Series Electromantle Heating Mantles provide maximum heat transfer to the sample thanks to excellent insulation around the cartridge and good flask coverage. Verwarmingsmantel 100 ml, EM0100/CE

Fisherbrand™ Heating Mantle with Controller

Reaches maximum temperatures up to 450°C. Fisherbrand™ Heating Mantle with Controller employs a unique airflow system to keep the exterior cool to the touch. Verwarmingsmantel regelb.100ml-80W FB

Horst™ Zeer flexibel verwarmingstape, type HBQ

Verwarmingsband HBQ, 0,5m 180W

Electrothermal™ Digi-Mantle Digital Controller

Accurate low speed stirring control and higher stirring speeds. Electrothermal™ Digi-Mantle Digital Controllers provide uniform stirring via a motorized rotating magnet assembly positioned to provide maximum flux linkage to rotate the stirrer bars in each reaction vessel. CONTROLLER FOR MODULAR MANTLE

Electrothermal™ EMX Series Spill-Proof Electromantle

Accommodates 60°C funnels, pear-shaped or round bottom flasks. Electrothermal™ EMX Series Spill-proof Electromantle is designed to accept a large range of flasks and funnel sizes for added flexibility. Stainless steel liner over the heating element providea additional electrical and mechanical protection against spills and ensures easier cleaning. Verwarmingsmantel 500-1000mL EMX1000/SCEELECTRO-HEATING MANTLE 500ML to 1L

Julabo™ ME Heating Immersion Circulator

Available for various bath tanks up to a capacity of 50L and come equipped with bath clamp that fits onto all tanks with wall thickness up to 26mm Inhangthermostaat type ME geleverd incl. badklem

Cole-Parmer™ Immersion Heater


Electrothermal™ Multi-extractiemantels - model met 6 uitsparingen, alleen verwarming

Vented case's unique airflow ensures the unit remains “cool-to-the-touch” Extractie verwarmingsmantels 250ml, 6 op rij

Horst™ Glasvezel vliestape, model GBW

Fleecy glass fiber tape for insulating heated sections. Horst™ GBW Glass Fiber Fleecy Tape provides protection up to 450°C. X30 Glasweefselband GBW

Horst™ HB verwarmingstape

Verwarmingsband HB, 1,0m 250W

Electrothermal™ Regelbare verwarmingsmantels van polypropyleen

Met een duurzame, chemisch bestendige buitenste behuizing van polypropyleen. Fisher Scientific™ regelbare verwarmingsmantels van polypropyleen minimaliseren schade door morsen en zorgen voor maximale warmteoverdracht met minimale kans op het breken van kolven. Verwarmingsmantel EM2000/CE

Electrothermal™ Verwarmings- en roermantels

Voor het roeren en verwarmen van vloeistof – roeren kan in één of twee richtingen zijn Verwarmingsmantel EMA 0500/CE

Cole-Parmer™ Heat-O-Matic Immersion Heater


Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vap Evaporator Replacement Parts

Extend the lifetime of Reacti-Vap evaporators X4 Rep long screws

Electrothermal™ EMA Series Controlled Sitrring Electromantle

Includes a built-in energy regulator with indicator lamps for power and heater operation. Electrothermal™ EMA Series Controlled Sitrring Electromantle incorporates a grounded earth screen and double fuses for added safety. Larger capacity products have multiple heating elements, enabling a more even and directed transfer of heat. HEAT/STIR MANTLE 50ML 230V

Electrothermal™ CMUV20/CL Heating Mantle

The CMUV Heating Mantles allow the heating of large volumes with the advantages of the CMU heating mantles. With its V-shaped design, Erlenmeyer flasks, bulbous vessels and round-bottom flasks can be used. 20L HEATING MANTLE

Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vap™ Evaporators

Add evaporation to the Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Therm™ Heating and Stirring module for derivatization or other small scale reactions.


Edmund Bühler GmbH™ IRB 1 Infrared Heater

Optimally suited for fast heating tasks without open flame up to max. 700°C. ELEKTRISCHE BRANDER +750°C

Horst™ HS verwarmingsdraad

Extremely flexible glass yarn-insulated heating cable. Horst™ HS Heating Wire can be used for very small winding radii. Verwarmingssnoer HS, 1,0m 100W

Edmund Bühler GmbH™ IRB 6 Infrared Heater

Heat samples on 6 separate heating areas of 60 x 60mm each up to 700°C without open flame. Edmund Bühler GmbH™ IRB 6 Infrared Heater allows each unit to be individually used and controlled. ELECTRISCHE VERBRANDER 6 PL. 750°C

Saint-Gobain Chemware™ PTFE Cord

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Chemware™ PTFE Cord resists adhesion of practically any material and can be used to secure the edges of laboratory matting to create a dipping basket for corrosive baths. Cord

Electrothermal™ Analogue Power Controller

Control the power supply to one piece of laboratory equipment at a time. Electrothermal™ Analogue Power Controller is designed to control the heating of resistive loads for bench top operation. Temperatuurregelaar MC 242

Electrothermal™ HT9 Series Glass Fibre Heating Tapes

Provides heat for columns, pipes, valves and transfer lines, especially when these applications need to be observed. Electrothermal&trade HT9 Series Glass Fibre Heating Tapes can be applied to metal pipes as well as glassware. HEATING TAPE (7.3m) WITH EARTH BRAID 1200W 230V