Celgebaseerde assays

Molecular Probes™ LIVE/DEAD™ Fixable Dead Cell Stain Sampler Kit


Molecular Probes™ Click-iT™ EdU Alexa Fluor™ 488 Imaging Kit

Optimized for fluorescence microscopy applications CLICK EDU ALEXA 488 IMAGING (C10337) LITL18 Promotion

O-Acetyl-L-carnitine Hydrochloride

Weak cholinergic agonist 5GR O-Acetyl-L-carnitine hydrochloride 5g

Molecular Probes™ LIVE/DEAD™ Fixable Aqua Dead Cell Stain Kit, for 405 nm excitation

LIVE/DEAD™ Fixable Aqua Dead Cell Stain Kit, for 405 nm excitation LIVE/DEAD Fixable Aqua Dead Cell Stain Kit

Molecular Probes™ LIVE/DEAD™ Yeast Viability Kit

Viability required to change green intracelluar stain into red-orange intravacuolar structures LIVE/DEAD(R) YEAST VIABIL, 1 KIT

Molecular Probes™ D-Luciferin, Sodium Salt, 25mg

Part of the luciferin/luciferase light-producing reaction 25MG D-LUCIFERIN, SODIUM SALT

Molecular Probes™ LipidTOX™ HCS LipidTOX Green Phospholipidosis Detection Reagent (1000X), for cellular imaging

Easily detected by fluorescence microscopy HCS LIPIDTOX GREEN PHOSPHOLIPIThe HCS LipidTOX Green phospholipidosis detection

Gibco™ PSC Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Kit

PSC Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Kit PSC Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Kit

BrdU Monoclonal Antibody, Clone: MoBU-1, Invitrogen™

BrdU Antibody (MoBU-1), B35128, from Invitrogen™. Species Reactivity: Chemical; Applications: Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry. ANTI BRDU MOBU1 UNCONJ IMAGINGperoxidunconjugated, 350 µl

AY 9944 Dihydrochloride

Inhibitor of hedgehog (Hh) signaling 50MG AY 9944 dihydrochloride

Molecular Probes™ FluoVolt™ Membrane Potential Kit

FluoVolt™ Membrane Potential Kit FLUOVOLT MEMBRANE POTENTIAL (F10488) LITL18 Promotion

Alfa Aesar™ Elastase Inhibitor II

A potent irreversible inhibitor of human neutrophil elastase 10MG Elastase Inhibitor II

Alfa Aesar™ Endothall

A moderately potent inhibitor of protein phosphatase 2A 100MG Endothall

Molecular Probes™ Amplex™ Red Glutamic Acid/Glutamate Oxidase Assay Kit

Simple method for detecting glutamic acid/glutamate oxidase activity AMPLEX(R) RED GLUTAMIC AC, 1 KIT

Molecular Probes™ Click-iT™ Cell Reaction Buffer Kit

Clicks the two moieties together CLICK-IT CELL REACTION BUFFERThe Click-iT® Cell Buffer Kit provides

Alfa Aesar™ DNA Methyltransferase Inhibitor

A cell-permeable, specific DNA methyltransferases inhibitor 10MG DNA Methyltransferase Inhibitor 10mg

Molecular Probes™ Metabolic Activity Dead Cell Apoptosis Kit with C12 Resazurin, Annexin V APC, and SYTOX™ Green, for flow cytometry

Vybrant™ Apoptosis Assay Kit #10 - allophycocyanin annexin V/C12-resazurin/SYTOX™ Green - 50 assays 1SET Vybrant Apoptosis Assay Kit 10, allophycocyanin annexin V/C12-resazurin/SYTOX Green, 50 assays

Molecular Probes™ Premo™ Autophagy Sensor LC3B-GFP (BacMam 2.0)

To visualize autophagy PREMO AUTOPHAGY LC3B-GFP (P36235) LITL18 Promotion

Molecular Probes™ EnzChek™ Phosphate Assay Kit

Determine phosphate released during ATPase or GTPase enzymatic reactions ENZCHEK(R) PHOSPHATE ASSA, 1 KIT

Molecular Probes™ EnzChek™ Phosphatase Assay Kit

Continuous assay of prostatic acid phosphatase and protein phosphatase 1 ENZCHEK PHOSPHATE ASSAY KIT, 1 KIT

Molecular Probes™ Cascade Blue™ hydrazide, Trilithium Salt

Cascade Blue™ hydrazide, trilithium salt 10MG CASCADE BLUE(R) HYDRAZIDE

Alfa Aesar™ RITA, p53 activator III

A cell-permeable, p53-targeting, tricyclic thiophene derivative 10MG RITA, p53 activator III

Molecular Probes™ Biocytin TMR (5-(and-6)-Tetramethylrhodamine Biocytin)

Biocytin TMR (5-(and-6)-Tetramethylrhodamine Biocytin) 5MG 5-(AND-6)-TETRAMETHYLRHOD

Molecular Probes™ CellEvent™ Caspase-3/7 Green Detection Reagent

Optimized reagent for analysis of apoptotic cells 100 UL CELLEVENT CASPASE 3/7 GREEN 100µL STORE ATambient

Flt-3 Inhibitor

10MG Flt-3 Inhibitor

Molecular Probes™ LIVE/DEAD™ Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity Kit, for Animal Cells

Red and green stains used LIVE/DEAD(R) CELL-MEDIATE, 1 KIT

Molecular Probes™ Dead Cell Apoptosis Kit with Annexin V FITC and PI, for flow cytometry

Dead Cell Apoptosis Kit with Annexin V FITC and PI, for flow cytometry VYBRANT(R) APOPTOSIS ASSA, 1 KIT

Molecular Probes™ PIP Strips™ Membranes

Identify proteins possessing phosphoinositide domains 1SET PIP Strips membranes  *set of 10*