Roerders en roerstaven

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ elektrische roerder met hoge capaciteit

Stir up to 40L with the integrated controller of the Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ Power Direct, ideal for high-capacity stirring. Magneetroerder POWER DIRECT

Witeg™ Roerstaaf

Roerstaaf 200 x 5 mm

Fisherbrand™ Vlakke PTFE-roerstaven

Voor stabiele roeracties. Cowie Technology™ vlakke PTFE-roerstaven veroorzaken meer turbulentie dan cilindrische roerstaven. Magnetrührstäbchen, PTFE, zylindrisch, 35x7mm

IKA™ IKA™ RCT Basic IKAMAG™ veiligheidsbediening magneetroerder met warmteplaat

Incorporates extra technology including a powerful motor for a higher range of speeds and additional temperature control mode for faster heating of medium. IKA™ Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer employs a high level of safety through improved heat control technology making it suitable for unsupervised operation. Magneetroerder RCT basic safety control

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ i Mono and Maxi Direct Stirrer

Ensure reliability, safety, and performance with Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ i Mono and Maxi Direct Stirrers, which are 100% maintenance– and wear–free. 50096340 Rührantrieb für Variomag Micro

IKA RET Basic IKAMAG™ magneetroerder

Set exact temperature and speed setting via digital display, even when switched off. IKA™ RET Basic Magnetic Stirrer includes a wide speed range from 0/50 to 1700rpm and integrated temperature control. Hot top indicator warns to prevent burns. Magneetrd. RET basic IKAMAG safety control

Corning™ PC-420D verwarmingsplaat met roerder en digitale display

Equipped with bright LED HOT TOP icon that lights up when top plate is over 60°C, even when heat control is turned off. Corning™ PC-420D Stirring Hot Plate with Digital Display provides a safe and efficient device for laboratory heating needs. The two piece casting design deflects spills away from electronics. Hot Plate & Stirrer PC-420D

Fisherbrand™ PTFE-roerstaven met ronde draaibare beugel

Voor stabiele roeracties. Fisherbrand™ PTFE roerstaven met ronde draaibare beugel zijn ideaal voor containers met een ongelijk of ongewoon bodemoppervlak of met een bodemoppervlak met een ongelijke of ongewone vorm. Magneetroerstaaf 60x10mm PTFE spil./ring

Fisherbrand™ Ultra Thin Magnetic Stirrer

Spill safe, maintenance free slim profile magnetic stirrer with pulse mode. ULTRA THIN MAGNETIC STIRRER,0.8L H2O

IKA™ RH Basic 2 magneetroerder

Heats up to 320°C with fixed safety circuit at 400°C. IKA™ RH basic 2 Magnetic Stirrer includes a stainless steel plate and soft-start stirring motor. Stirs quantities of up to 10 liters. Magneetroerder m verwarming RH basic 2

Cowie Technology™ PTFE Stir Bar Box Set, Octahedral and Micro

Magnetrührstäbchen Box, PTFE, weiss, 10+4 Stück,VE=1

Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ RT Advanced Hotplate Stirrer

Precise control without sacrificing your budget Isotemp RT Advanced Hotplate Stirrer

DURAN™ Screw Cap for GLS 80 Stirring Reactor

Screw cap for GLS 80 Stirring Reactor VERVANGINGS DOP VOOR GL80 REACTOR

Fisherbrand™ Cilindrische roerstaven van PTFE

Manufactured from PTFE encapsulated Alnico V magnet core. Fisherbrand™ Cylindrical PTFE Stir Bars are autoclavable. PTFE ROERSTAAF 35X6MM

SI Analytics™ Roerder met verwarmingsplaat, model SLR

Robust, reliable, SLR model hotplate stirrer ideal in most laboratory and research scientific environments. Lab.kookplaat met roerder SLR

VELP Scientifica™ AREX Digital Aluminum Stirring Hotplate with Probe

Equipped with digital display to precisely set and monitor the stirring speed and the temperature. VELP Scientifica™ AREX Digital Stirring Hotplate with Probe provides uniform heat distribution over the entire surface, with a special protective white ceramic coating that ensures easiness of cleaning and excellent resistance to chemicals, scratches and surface abrasions. AREX DIGITAL SYSTEM WITH PROBE 230/50-60Hz

IKA™ Magnetic Stirrer

Stirs without heating. IKA™ Magnetic Stirrer has a ceramic plate chemically resistant to acids, bases, and solvents. Magneetroerder z. verwarming MS 10, 260x260mm

Cowie Technology™ PTFE-microroerstaven

Designed for the smallest containers. Cowie Technology™ PTFE Micro Magnetic Stir Bar is autoclavable. Magneetroerstaaf 2x2mm PTFE micro

Corning™ Hotplates and Hotplate/Stirrers

Microprocessor-controlled full-size and compact units, designed for safe and easy operation. Hot Plate PC-400D, 230V/50Hz, 5-550°C

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Egg-Shaped Spinbar™ Magnetic Stir Bars

Designed for use in round-bottom vessels Magnetic stir bar egg-shaped Teflon encased 25mmx 13mm Scienceware, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

IKA™ C-MAG MS 7 Magnetic Stirrer

Use this magnetic stirrer without heating for a variety of applications. IKA™ C-MAG MS 7 Magnetic Stirrer features a ceramic set-up plate which offers excellent chemical resistance. Magneetroerder zond. verwarming MS7 180x180mm

Cowie Technology™ Cilindrische roerstaven van PTFE

Provides stable stirring action. Cowie Technology™ Cylindrical PTFE Stir Bars are a popular general-purpose stirrer for a wide variety of applications. PTFE Roerstaaf 13X6 mm, 1st.

Cowie Technology™ Cylindrical PTFE Stir Bars

Voor stabiele roeracties. Cowie Technology™ cilindrische roerstaven van PTFE zijn populaire roerstaven voor algemene toepassingen, die voor veel verschillende toepassingen kunnen worden gebruikt.  Magnetrührstäbchen, Glass, zylindrisch -, 50x8 mm, VE=1

Fisherbrand™ Square Economy PTFE Stir Bars

Effective stirrer, especially at low speeds. Fisherbrand™ Square Economy PTFE Stir Bars are guaranteed inert and leak-free. Magnetrührstäbchen, eckig, PTFE, 12x4,5mm

Fisherbrand™ Driehoekige PTFE-roerstaven

Met name effectief voor het oplossen van vaste stoffen en het mengen van sedimenten dankzij ‘schrapen’ op de bodem van de container. Driehoekige PTFE-roerstaaf maakt stabiel roeren mogelijk voor containers met een vlakke bodem. X5 Magnetic stir bar triangular PTFE encased white 12mm x 6mm Fisherbrand

Fisherbrand™ Cilindrische roerstaven van PTFE

For use with small containers X10 Cylindrical PTFE Stir Bars, 10 x 3mm

DURAN™ GLS 80 Stirring Reactors: Complete Sets

Suitable for wide range of laboratory mixing processes GLS 80 Roerwerk-reactor 1ltr-Duran

Cowie Technology™ Ovale PTFE-roerstaaf

Provides stable stirring action. Cowie Technology™ Oval PTFE Stir Bar provides optimal turbulence for round-bottom flasks and containers. Magn.roerstaaf ovaal PTFE 30x10mm

Bochem™ 18/10 Stainless Steel Centrifugal Stirrers

Zentrifugalrührer mit 2 Flügeln,18/8Stahl,L=300mm, D=90 mm, Wellendurchmesser 10mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nuova™ Stirring Hotplates

Warm applications and prepare culture media with this stirring hotplate, which features excellent low-end temperature control. NUOVA STIRRING HOTPLATE 240V