Ultrasoonapparaten, homogenisatoren en blenders

Fisherbrand™ Sonische dismembrator, model 120

Programmable system ideal for small volume liquid processing. There are 3 probe size options available which allow for processing 0.2-50mL volumes. SONICATOR 120W 0.2-100ML M/SONDE VOOR 0.5-15ML

IKA™ DT-20-buisjes met rotor-statorelement

Bestaat uit slang, disperserapparaat en kap. IKA™ DT-20-slangen met rotor-statorelement worden gebruikt voor dispersie, homogenisatie en suspensies met een capaciteit van 5 tot 15 ml. X25 DISPERSING TUBE 20ML DT-20

Dispersing Element

Disperses emulsions from 1μm to 10μm and suspensions with 15μm to 50μm ultimate fineness. IKA™ Dispersing Element works with liquid volumes from 10 to 2000mL and immersion depths from 40 to 165mm. Suitable for solvents and can be sterilized using any method. Dispergeerschacht S 25 N - 25G

Fisherbrand™ Geluiddempende kap voor sonische dismembrator, model 50 en 120

Geluiddempende kap voor sonische dismembrator, model 50 en 120 GELUIDDICHTE BEHUIZING MET KLEM 254X254X508MM

Fisherbrand™ Sondes voor sonische dismembrators model 50 en 120

Probe microtips for varying volumes MICRO TIP SONDE 3.1MM 0.5-15ML

IKA™ Generatoren met rotor/stator voor IKA Ultra-Turrax™ homogenisatoren

Use this dispersing element with the IKA™ T 18 Dispersers. T 18 Digital Dispersing Elements feature a quick-connect coupling that facilitates easy exchange of dispersing tool. Dispergeerschacht S 18 N - 19G

Interscience™ BagMixer 400 P Lab Blender

Best-selling, high-quality bag mixer with patented Click & Clean™ removable paddles. Interscience™ BagMixer 400 P Lab Blender uses a brushless motor for extra quiet operation. BagMixer 400P

IKA™ DT-20-M-Gamma Tube with Rotor Stator Element

'DT-20-M-gamma Tube with rotor-stator element'

Fisherbrand™ Statief voor sonische dismembrator model 50 en 120

Accessoire voor sonische dismembrators, model 50 en 120 STATIEF COMPL. MET KLEM EN STAAF 12,7 MM

MP Biomedicals™ FastPrep™-96 Instrument

High-speed, digitally controlled benchtop homogenizer for the lysis of biological samples. FastPrep-96 Instrument

IKA™ ULTRA-TURRAX™ T 25 digitale verspreider

A dispersing device for samples from 1 to 2000mL (H2O) with digital speed display which enables operation at high circumferential speeds even with a small diameter rotor. Dispersion unit 65mmx240mm x80mm T25 IKA UK-Plug

IKA™ T 50 Digital Dispersing Element

Use this dispersing element with the IKA™ T 50 Dispersers. T 50 Digital Dispersing Elements feature a quick-connect coupling that facilitates easy exchange of dispersing tool. S 50 KR G 45 FDISPERSING ELEMENT,DIA 45 MM

Fisherbrand™ 1/4 in. Probe for Model 50 and 120 Sonic Dismembrator

Sonde voor sonische dismembrators model 120 MICRO TIP SONDE 6.3MM 5-50ML

Bandelin Electronic™ Temperature Probes

TM100 Temperature ProbeFor ultrasonication bath

Waring Laboratory Science™ Waring™-vinylkomdeksel

Spare, replacement, or supplementary glass container and two-piece lid for your laboratory blender. Waring Laboratory Science™ Glass Blender Container fits a variety of blender models. Mengbeker glas v. Blender 650133

Fisherbrand™ Tip Horn for Model 120 Sonic Dismembrator

Tip Horn for Model 120 Sonic Dismembrator ACHTVOUDIGE HOUDER, TIP DIAMETER 3,1MM

Fisherbrand™ Krik

Ideal for raising samples up to a stationary probe mounted within the enclosure or on a stand. LAB LIFT 15X15CM H:6.35-25.4CM

Fisherbrand™ Geluiddempende kap voor sonische dismembrator, modellen 505/705

Vermindert het geluid van sonische dismembratoren aanzienlijk Sound Enclosure

Fisherbrand™ Q500 Sonicator with Probe

Use this high powered sonicator for various applications and sample volumes. Fisherbrand™ Sonicators with Probe are ideal for cell disruption, nanoparticle dispersion, homogenisation and sample preparation. SONICATOR 500W 0.5-500ML M/SONDE VOOR 10-250ML

Fisherbrand™ Q55 Sonicator without Probe

Effective for standard cell disruption and many other small-volume applications. Fisherbrand™ Q55 Sonicator is a compact and cost-effective ultrasonic processor that will occupy less bench space than any unit on the market.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Disposable Polypropylene Pestles

For re-suspending bacterial cells, precipitates of nucleic acids or proteins and pellets of other materials. X100 199230001 Bel-Art Pestle, PP3 1/2'

MP Biomedicals™ CoolBigPrep™ 2 X 50mL Adapter

Ideally suited for extractions of temperature unstable biological compounds such as RNA, siRNA, metabolites, intermediates and enzymes ADAPTER MP BIOMEDICAL COOLBIGPREP 2X50ML FOR

IKA™ IKA ULTRA-TURRAX™ aandrijving voor buisjes

Disperse, stir, homogenize and grind using a single drive unit. IKA™ ULTRA-TURRAXX™ Tube Drive provides protection and security for infectious sample materials, toxic substances, high-odor substances under defined conditions (time, energy, volume). Ultra Turrax Tube disperser aandrijving

Fisherbrand™ Sonische dismembrator, model 50

Economical, small volume cell disruptor. There are 3 probe size options available which allow for processing 0.2-50mL volumes. SONICATOR 50W 0.2-50ML M/SONDE 0.5-15ML

Corning™ S-Blender-1A

High performance blender for microbiology samples preparation. Blender 80ML to 400ML capacity, 230V

IKA™ R 182 statiefklem

Secure joints with this clamp. IKA™ R 182 Boss Head Clamp features a sturdy, cast aluminum construction and cross sleeve design. Ideal for a variety of applications. Kruisklem, type R 182

Kinematica™ Polytron™ PT1200E Handheld Homogenizer

This ergonomic hand disperser is lightweight and therefore ideal for rapid turn-around of smaller sample volumes. Homogeniser Polytron PT1200E hand held with power

IKA™ Bearing Brush


Conair™ Waring™ 1L Blender Polypropylene Container

For use with the 1L Waring laboratory blender MENGBEKER PP 500ML

Qsonica Ultrasonic Homogenizer Converters

Qsonica Ultrasonic Homogenizer Converter works with either the Microson XL2000 or the Sonicator 3000 Ultrasonic Homogenizers to transform electrical signals into mechanical vibrations. OMVORMER KABEL VOOR SONICATOR 500W