Messen en scalpels

Integra™ Biopsiestansen met plunjersysteem

Effortless ejection of lodged specimens X25 BIOPSY PUNCH WITH PLUNGER 1MM

Swann-Morton™ Scalpelmes van koolstofstaal

Make surgical cuts and repairs using Swann Morton™ Carbon Steel Scalpel Blades in the operating room. X100 SCALPELMESJE N°21

Thermo Scientific™ MX35 Premier Disposable Low-Profile Microtome Blades

Section hard tissues and high-quality thin sections with high-performance Thermo Scientific™ MX35 Premier Disposable Low-Profile Microtome Blades. X50 Disposable Blade Premier+ MX35 80mm LG 34 DegCutting Angle

Chroma Gesellschaft™ Handgrepen voor chirurgische scalpels

Individually wrapped. Swann Morton Stainless Steel Surgical Scapel Handles contain graduations on one side to assist with training, marking of surgical site or trauma injury investigation. STAINLESS STEEL HANDLE NO.4

B Braun™ Roestvrijstalen scalpels voor eenmalig gebruik

Beschermt mesjes, en kunststof huls voorkomt letsel wanneer ze niet in gebruik zijn. B Braun™ CUTFIX roestvrijstalen scalpels voor eenmalig gebruik hebben een kunststof handgreep en mesbescherming. Steriel. X10 Disposable scalpel CUTFIX sterile figure 23

Klingen™ koolstofstalen mesjes

X5 Apollo Scheermes 1 snijkant 40x20 , dikte 0,30

Swann-Morton™ Scalpelmes van koolstofstaal, steriel

Use for convenience in user environments: on the ward, in emergency or trauma units or even out in the field with paramedics. Swann Morton™ Carbon Steel Surgical Scalpel Blades come in single peel packs. SCALPELMESJE N°22

Swann-Morton™ Roestvrijstalen chirurgische scalpels

Use for convenience in user environments: on the ward, in emergency or trauma units or even out in the field with paramedics. Swann Morton™ Stainless Steel Surgical Scalpels come in single peel packs. SCALPEL N°24 STERIEL

Swann-Morton™ Scalpelmes van koolstofstaal

Use Swann Morton™ Carbon Steel Scalpel Blades in the operating room for precise cutting and repair. X100 SCAPEL LEMMET N°20 STERIEL

Bochem™ Stainless Steel Scalpel

Skalpell, rostfrei, Holzgriff, L=150mm

Bayha™ Roestvrijstalen mes

X12 Scalpelmesjes Bayha nr.18

Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Plated Scalpel Blade Handle, Holds No. 20-25 Blades

Securely hold blades with the Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Plated Scalpel Blade Handle, covered in nickel-plated steel #4. Handle, Blade, Surg, Chrome, 5.5IN

Thermo Scientific™ Ultra microtoommessen voor eenmalig gebruik

Combining excellent quality with an affordable price X50 Disposable Blade HProfile Hp35 Ultra

Scalpel Handles

Scalpelhouder nr.7 Swann Morton

Swann-Morton™ Roestvrijstalen scalpelmes, steriel

Make repairs using Swann Morton™ Stainless Steel Scalpel Blades. SCALPEL N°11 STERIEL

Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ roestvrij stalen scalpelhandgreep, passend voor mesbladen nr. 20-25

Securely hold blades with the Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Stainless-Steel Scalpel Blade Handle, constructed of #4 stainless steel. Scalpel blade handle

Schneider Gerd™ Roestvrijstalen mes voor chemicaliën

Use these scoops for a variety of applications. Schneider Gerd™ Laboratory Scoops are available in cast aluminum and stainless steel. Schep alum.350x210x115/820ml.

Biochem™ Roestvrijstalen scalpels

Manufactured from stainless steel. BOCHEM™ Stainless Steel Scalpels features a stainless steel or wood handle. Skalpell, rostfrei, Metallgriff, L=150mm

B Braun™ Cutfix™ roestvrijstalen scalpels

Use B Braun™ Cutfix Sterile Stainless Steel Scalpels, with their double blade support, for precise cutting as your needs. This scalpel has a plastic handle. Disposable scalpel CUTFIX sterile type 22

Usbeck Laborgeraete™ Knife

Widia glasmes m.plastichandvat

Swann-Morton™ Stainless Steel Surgical Scalpel Handle B3

Ergonomically designed stainless steel scalpel handle. Swann-Morton™ Stainless Steel Surgical Scalpel Handle is one of an assortment of finely crafted scalpel handles designed for precision handling. SCALPELSTEEL TYPE 3L

Safety Knife

Safety knife Ausonne

Usbeck Laborgeraete™ Spare Blade

Stalen mes voor Widia mes

Thermo Scientific™ MB22 Premier microtoommes met laag profiel voor eenmalig gebruik, snijhoek 22°

Choose the Thermo Scientific™ MB22 Premier Disposable Low-Profile Microtome Blade for applications where extremely thin, high-quality sections are required. X50 Disposable Blade Premier LProfile MB22 80mm LG 22 Deg Cutting Angle

Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Scalpel Blade No. 20, Sterile, 1.75 in. (4.5cm)

Cut precisely with the Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Scalpel Blade No. 20, which is 1.75″ (4.5cm) in length. X100 Scalpel blade N.20

Azpack™ Scheermesje van koolstofstaal

Packaged in drawer box merchandiser. Azpack™ Carbon Steel Razor Blades are individually wrapped in paper cardstock for safety. X100 RAZOR BLADES SINGLE EDGED

Bayha™ Carbon Steel Scapel Blades

X12, Scalpelmesje Bayha nr.11

Fisherbrand™ SmartSlicer™ Safety Razor Blades

Say no to dangerous sharps! Fisherbrand™ SmartSlicer™ Safety Razor Blades won't scratch surfaces when cutting agarose gels. 100 x smatSlicer Safe Razor Blades small

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Sterileware™ Disposable Sterile Sampler Knife

Polystyrene sampler knife featuring a blade that is serrated on one edge and smooth on the other MONSTER MESSEN