Reichert™ AR200™ draagbare digitale refractometer

Lightweight digital refractometer designed for the food, beverage, agricultural, industrial-fluid, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, medical, and plastic industries DIGITALE REFRACTOMETER AR200Digitale weergave brekingscoëfficiënt, %Brix en

ATAGO™ ATAGO™ digitale draagbare zakrefractometer: PAL-1

Breed meetbereik. De Atago digitale draagbare zakrefractometer, PAL-1, is ideaal voor het meten van vrijwel alle fruitsappen, voedsel en dranken. Dig.refractometer 0-53% PAL1.

ATAGO™ ATAGO™ digitale draagbare zakrefractometer: PAL-RI

nD 1.3306-1.5284. The ATAGO™ Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer: PAL-RI provides an accuracy of ±0.0003 (water at 20°C). When the start key is pressed after placing some droplets of sample on the prism, the refractive index (resolution 0.0001 ) will be displayed continuously like an electric newsboard. POCKET REFRACTOMETER PAL RI

Atago™ MASTER-93H-refractometer

Use this heat resistant refractometer for measuring high-temperature samples at their respective production sites. Atago™ MASTER-93H Model Refractometers feature a prism made of corrosion resisting tempered glass for longer service life. ATAGO handrefractometer 53-93% Master93H

Bellingham Stanley™ RFM970-T Peltier Temperature Controlled Refractometer

Designed for applications within the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, flavors and fragrance industries as well as academic research. Bellingham Stanley™ RFM970-T Peltier Temperature Controlled Refractometers feature a wide measuring range and new 7 in. touchscreen user interface. refractometer RFM970-T

ATAGO™ ATAGO™ digitale draagbare zakrefractometer: PAL- α

Handig voor het meten van de meeste soorten monsters, tevens monsters in het kookproces. De Atago digitale draagbare zakrefractometer PAL-α biedt een uitgebreide Brix-serie van 0-85%. Atago refractometer PAL-a, 0-85% BrixDigitale aflezing 0 - 85° Brix, precisie

ATAGO™ Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer: PAL-3

Full range refractometer for measuring almost any sample. The ATAGO™ Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer, PAL-3 has a measurement time of 3 seconds. POCKET REFRACTOMETER PAL3 0-93%BRI

ATAGO™ Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer: PAL-2

Ideal for high concentration samples such as jam, marmalade, jelly, honey. The ATAGO™ Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer, PAL-2 is water resistant (rated at IP65), so cleanup of viscous samples can be done easily by placing the instrument under running water. Digitale refractometer 45-93% Pal2

Reichert™ Draagbare digitale refractometers

Big features and performance in a small package POCKET REFRACTOMETER R2MINI

Atago™ MASTER-20T Refractometer

Easy-to-read, easy-to-hold, and smooth-sampling refractometer. Atago™ MASTER-20T Refractometer is a low-concentration model. handrefractometer 0-20% Master 20 T Atago

ATAGO™ Digital Hand-Held Pocket Honey Refractometer, PAL-22S

Measures the % water content of honey easily and displays readings digitally. The Atago Pal-22S Digital Hand-Held Pocket Honey Refractometer is comfortable, easy to use, lightweight and compact. POCKET REFRACTOM. PAL 22S HONING

Mettler Toledo™ Refracto™ 30PX Portable Refractometer

For measurements in laboratory and production environments. REFRACTOMETER PORTABLEKit

ATAGO™ Automatic Digital Benchtop Refractometer: RX-5000i

This highly accurate refractometer is now even more stylish, smart, and functional Digital Refractometer RX-laboratory alphawhite touch panel

Atago™ R–5000 Hand-Held Refractometer

Ideal for simple, quick and easy measurement of refractive index. Atago™ R–5000 Hand-Held Refractometer features a 3-stage switching scale. Handrefractometer 1,333-1,520 Atago 5000

Bellingham + Stanley™ Eclipse Hand Held Refractometer

Manufactured to the highest specification using only the best materials and optical components. Bellingham + Stanley™ Eclipse Hand Held Refractometer is a low-cost, portable instrument used for on-the-spot determination of Refractive Index of liquids or the concentration of solutions. REFRACTOMETER 4541 1.333-1.420 ND

Atago™ MASTER-53M Refractometer

Easy-to-read, easy-to-hold, and smooth-sampling refractometer. Atago™ MASTER-53M Refractometer is suitable for a wide range of solution sampling. HANDREFRACTOM. MASTER53M 0-53%BRIXGamme 0-53% Brix, graduatie 0,5%

Mettler Toledo™ Refracto™ 30GS Portable Refractometer

Offers an extended measuring range due to its special prism design for measurements in laboratory and production environments. REFRACTO 30GSKit

ATAGO™ Automatic Digital Refractometer, Model: RX-5000i-Plus

Device to measure wider- refractive index range. The ATAGO Automatic Digital Refractometer (RX-5000i-Plus) features an intuitive touch screen technology for easy navigation and selection. Digitale Labor-Refraktometer RX-5000i Plus

Atago™ MASTER-20M Refractometer

Easy-to-read, easy-to-hold, and smooth-sampling refractometer. Atago™ MASTER-20M Refractometer is a low-concentration model. HANDREFRACTOM. MASTER20M 0-20%BRIX

ATAGO™ RX-9000α Automatic Digital Refractometer

Designed with a wide measurement range, measurement temperature range, and high measurement accuracy, the ATAGO™ RX-9000α Automatic Digital Refractometer is suitable for multiple sample types such as measuring oils and fats with high melting points, aroma oils of high refractive index and organic solvents, meeting demands for high accuracy measurements.

Mettler Toledo™ Memo Covers

X10 Memo covers (pack of 10)

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Mettler Toledo™ Memo Papers

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