Amarell™ Partial Immersion Toluene Filled Calibrated Thermometers Acc. to ASTM

Precision thermometers for special applications, each manufactured as per the lastest specifications of the ASTM-Standard E1. THERMOMETER - 80 ..+ 20 /1 °C, EICHF.ASTM/NR. 6 C, OHNE WERKZERTIFIKAT

Fisherbrand™ Control Thermometer, 35–200°C

Designed for monitoring temperature during applications with temperature-dependent readings. Fisherbrand™ Control Thermometer, 35–200°C can be used with hydrometers that do Kontrollthermometer +35/+200°C

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Digital Temperature Controller

Controls heating elements, cooling blocks, hotplates, or incubators TRACEABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER

Cole-Parmer™ Brass Case Indicator

Provides fast, accurate measurements THERMOHYGROMETER DIAL F/C

Oakton™ Calibration Certificate for Glass Thermometer, 3PTS

Calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology CERTIFICATIE NIST 3POINTS

GE Healthcare MultiTemp™ IV Thermostatic Circulator Replacement Hose Clamp

For use with GE Healthcare MultiTemp IV Thermostatic Circulator X10 HOSE CLAMPS. Configure the system for 1-D or 2-D protein electrophoresis.

Julabo™ Temperature control system, PRESTO™ A45, highly dynamic

Presto A45 Highly dynamic temperature control system

Nabertherm Over-temperature Limit Controller

Protects against over-temperature in the furnace chamber. OVERTEMPERATURE LIMIT CONTROLLER TWB

Julabo™ Temperature control system, PRESTO™ A45t, highly dynamic

Presto A45t Highly dynamic temperature control system

Amarell™ Maximum Thermometer with Steel Mark

A fully immersible thermometer for quick and accurate temperature readings. Max. thermometer -10/+250 øC