Onderzoekshandschoenen voor eenmalig gebruik

Kimberly-Clark™ Nitrilhandschoenen voor links- en rechtshandigen, voor eenmalig gebruik

Ideal for higher risk applications. Kimberly Clark™ KIMTECH Science™ PURPLE NITRILE™ Gloves are stronger than latex with better protection against a wide range of chemicals including cytotoxic drugs. X100, Handschoen nitril XS Kimbery-Clark

Fisherbrand™ Comfort Nitrile Gloves

Choose a glove with enhanced comfort and tactile sensitivity. Fisherbrand™ Comfort Nitrile Gloves are powder-free and latex-free with a beaded fit and textured fingers. X200 Fisherbrand Comfort Nitrile Gloves XS

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Purple Nitrile-XTRA™ Gloves

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Purple Nitrile-XTRA™ Gloves are made of a highly durable nitrile polymer and are powder free.


Kimberly-Clark™ Sterling™ nitrilhandschoenen, voor zowel links- als rechtshandigen

Biedt bescherming tegen een breed scala van chemische stoffen. KIMTECH SCIENCE™ STERLING™ nitrilhandschoenen. Uitstekende tastgevoeligheid. X150 Nitril Handschoen S Kimtech-Sterling

Ansell™ TouchNTuff™ 69-318 Series Lightweight Latex Exam Gloves

Offers textured fingers and superior tactile sensitivity for easy handling of small objects and delicate instruments. Ansell Edmont™ TouchNTuff™ 69-318 Series Lightweight Latex Exam Gloves comply with FDA food handling requirements. X100 gloves TouchNTuff XT powder free textured finish Natural rubber latex 69-318 size 7.5/8

Fisherbrand™ Extended Cuff Nitrile Exam Gloves

Choose a glove with exceptional durability and added protection. The Fisherbrand™ Extended Cuff Nitrile  Gloves are extra-thick, fully textured for a superior grip and are tested for use with chemotherapy drug exposure. X50 Fisherbrand Extended Cuff Nitrile Gloves XL

Kimberly-Clark™ Nitrilhandschoenen, voor zowel links- als rechtshandigen, blauw

Provides for safety, comfort and freedom of movement whatever your environment. Kimberly-Clark™ KIMTECH SCIENCE™ Blue Nitrile Gloves minimize risk and boost productivity. X100 Handschoen Kimtec Science Blue Nitril MT L

B Braun™ Manufix™ gevoelige, poedervrije, niet-steriele onderzoekshandschoenen van vinyl

Use B Braun™ Manyl™ Manyl Sensitive Powder-free Non-sterile Vinyl Exam Gloves as healthcare needs dictate to impede the spread of germs and bacteria. X100 Manyl gloves powder-free, vinyl, large

Semperit™ Semperguard™ Comfort Latex Examination Gloves

Semperguard™ Comfort Latex Examination Gloves are powder-free and provide excellent elasticity and are very comfortable to wear. X100 Semperguard Latex comfort Gr M

Ansell™ Omega Pro-tech™ poedervrije onderzoekshandschoenen voor eenmalig gebruik

Resist cuts and snags when wearing Nitritex™ Omega Pro-tech™ Disposable Powder-free Examination Gloves. The purple gloves are disposable, non-sterile, latex-free, powder-free and are available in various sizes. X100 handschoen Nitriel Omega Pro-Tech mt XS

Fisherbrand™ Niet-steriele, extra beschermende nitril onderzoekshandschoenen, poedervrij, voor eenmalig gebruik

Resists a wide range of chemicals and resistant to puncture. Fisherbrand™ Disposable Powder-free Non-sterile Extra Protection Nitrile Examination Gloves are latex free. X50 Handschoen nitril purple 30cm XL.

Ansell™ Supreno™ nitril onderzoekshandschoenen

Bestand tegen tape en kleefstoffen. Ansell™ Supreno™ nitril onderzoekshandschoenen bieden geavanceerde barrièrebescherming dankzij lager aantal speldengaatjes. X100 GLOVES NITRILE, 93-843 SZ 7.5-8

Ansell Edmont™ TouchNTuff™ Disposable Powdered Green Nitrile Gloves

Bewezen spatbestendig tegen gevaarlijke chemicaliën. De Ansell™ TouchNTuff™ groene gepoederde nitrilhandschoenen voor eenmalig gebruik zijn bestand tegen een groot aantal industriële chemicaliën. X100 HANDSCHOEN NITRIL GEPOEDERDTouch N Tuff groen, conform aan de normen EN420

Ansell™ Microflex™ 63-864 Latex Gloves

Prevents rips and tears with thicker than average fingertips. Ansell ™ Microflex™ 63-864 Latex Gloves offer a reliable and precise grip. X100 LATEX POWDER FREE MICROFLEX BY ANSELL SIZE 5.

Fisherbrand™ Solutions A+ Latex handschoenen met aloë

Beschermt handen tegen uitdroging, kloven en barsten. De Solutions A+ Aloe latex handschoenen van Ansell™ combineren bescherming en comfort. X100 Fisherbrand Latex Gloves With Aloe Vera L

Supreno Plus™ nitril onderzoekshandschoenen

Offer up to 3 times the puncture resistance of latex or vinyl disposable gloves. Microflex™ High Risk Disposable Nitrile Gloves also provide chemical and liquid protection. X50 GLOVES, NITRILE, 93-853, 5.5-6

Kimberly-Clark™ Nitrilhandschoenen, voor zowel links- als rechtshandigen, groen

Getest voor meer dan 30 chemische stoffen. Nitrilhandschoenen, voor zowel links- als rechtshandigen, groen, beschermen tegen een breed scala van laboratoriumgevaren. X250 KIMTECH Green Nitrile handsch. Mt S

Kimberly-Clark™ Sterling™ Xtra-nitrilhandschoenen, voor zowel links- als rechtshandigen

Ontworpen voor laboratoria om allround bescherming te bieden. Kimberly Clark™ nitrilhandschoenen beschermen tegen spatten van chemicaliën en gevaren met betrekking tot micro-organismen. X90 KIMTECH STERLING-XTRA NITR. HANDS, GR.XL, 30CM

Ansell™ Profile 3000 Nitrile Examination Gloves

Combines comfort and chemical resistance. Nitritex™ Profile 3000 Nitrile Examination Gloves are an ambidextrous, latex-free glove with excellent chemical and puncture resistance, a textured surface and beaded cuff. Powder-free, non-sterile. X100 handschoen Nitriel Profile 3000 PNA mt 3XL

Microflex™ Diamond Grip Plus™ latex onderzoekshandschoenen


Ansell™ AccuTech™ 91-225 Series Natural Rubber Latex Gloves

AccuTech™ 91-225 Series Natural Rubber Latex Gloves are made with a specific natural rubber formulation that offers a high level of comfortable, sensitive, precise handling. Low allergen content reduces risk to the wearer. 200PR GLOVES ACCUTECH GAMMEX DISPOSA. POWDER FREEsterile latex hand specific contains 10 pks of 20

Fisherbrand™ Solutions Aloe Sense nitril handschoenen

Heeft een gestructureerd buitenoppervlak geschikt voor droge en natte omstandigheden. Fisherbrand™ Solutions Aloe Sense nitril handschoenen hebben een aloë vera-coating aan de binnenzijde die de handen beschermt tegen uitdroging, kloven en barsten. X100 Fisherbrand Nitrile Gloves With Aloe Vera XL

Kimberly-Clark™ KLEENGUARD™ G20 Nitrile Gloves

Kimberly-Clark™ KLEENGUARD™ G20 Nitrile Gloves are an ambidextrous glove that provides protection against chemical splash in a wide range of applications. X2250 GLOVES NITRIL G20 GREE SZ X

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional PFE-Xtra™-onderzoekshandschoenen latex

Ideal for procedures with risk of exposure to blood, body fluids, and chemicals HANDSCHOEN LATEX PFE-XTRA 8,5Niet gepoederd

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Kimtech Pure™ G5-latexhandschoenen

Manufacturer-suggested ISO Class 5 or higher X1000 Safeskin Controlled Latex-Handschuhe, 12'Gr.XL (VE=10x100Stck.)

Kimberly-Clark™ XTRA-PFE Latex Gloves

Ideal hand protection for procedures with risk of exposure to blood, bodily fluids and chemicals. Kimberly-Clark™ XTRA-PFE Latex Gloves are manufactured from natural rubber latex.

Kimberly-Clark™ Safeskin™ Satin Plus-onderzoekshandschoenen, latex

Provides vital hand protection and comfort. Safeskin™ Satin Plus Latex Exam Gloves are ambidextrous. X1000 Handschoen latex Satin Plus-XS

Semperit™ Sempermed™ Derma Plus Surgical Gloves

Manufactured while using the specially developed double-dipping process. Semperit™ Sempermed™ Derma Plus excels with good donning properties and an AQL of 0.65. X50 PAIRS Sempermed derma plus Gr XS (6,5)

Semperit™ Sempermed™ Supreme Green Surgical Gloves

The ideal inner glove: The green color facilitates the detection of a glove perforation during surgery. In combination with Sempermed™ Supreme or Sempermed™ Supreme Plus, Sempermed surgical gloves constitute the optimum glove solution with regard to safety and comfort. X50 PAIRS Sempermed supreme green Gr 7

Ansell Edmont™ Handschoenen van natuurlatex

Provide optimal solutions for controlled environments. Low allergenic content minimizes the risk of latex associated allergies for the wearer. 200 PAAR HANDSCHUHE ACCUTECH STERILE GR 6,5