Chemistry Classroom

pH Singles Calibration Solutions in 20mL Pouches

X20, pH10,01 buffer sachets 20ml

MP Biomedicals™ Phenol:Chloroform Saturated Solution

This is a ready-to-use saturated solution of phenol and chloroform suitable for the extraction and purification of DNA. This solution is supplied at pH 6.7, and a bottle of alkaline buffer is included to adjust the pH to 8.0 if desired. 1:1 solution PHENOL:CHLOROFORM SATURATED SOLUTION, PH 400 ML

Fehlings No.2 Indicator Solution, Reagecon

High-quality indicator solution produced from the highest quality raw materials and manufactured and tested under rigorous conditions. 1LT FEHLINGS SOLUTION NO. 2 1L

Honeywell™ Ammonium fluoride - hydrofluoric acid mixture, Honeywell™

Semiconductor Grade, AF 875-125, etching mixture (Honeywell 17621) 2.5LT Ammonium fluoride - hydrofluoric acid mixture PURANAL