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Blimp-1 Rat anti-Human, Mouse, Clone: 6D3, eBioscience™

Rat Monoclonal Antibody

Brand:  Affymetrix eBioscience 14-5963-82

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Description: This 6D3 monoclonal antibody reacts with B lymphocyte-induced maturation protein-1 (Blimp-1), a transcriptional repressor expressed in B and T cells. This approximately 90-kDa protein contains five consecutive Kruppel-like zinc finger domains by which it binds DNA. In B cells, Blimp-1 promotes terminal differentiation into antibody-secreting plasma cells during a primary immune response. In addition, Blimp-1 has been implicated in germinal center formation in response to T-dependent and T-independent antigens, as well as in some diffuse large B cell lymphomas. Expressed in CD4+ and CD8+ effector/memory T cells and FoxP3+ regulatory T cells, reports have suggested possible roles for Blimp-1 in T cell homeostasis and suppression of IL-2 production. Moreover, by suppressing Th1 differentiation, Blimp-1 plays a role in T helper cell differentiation. Finally, Blimp-1 has been demonstrated to play a significant role in the terminal differentiation of effector and effector memory CD8+ T cells during viral infection. Applications Reported: This 6D3 antibody has been reported for use in immunoblotting (WB) and immunohistology staining of paraffin-embedded tissue sections. Applications Tested: This 6D3 antibody has been tested by western blot of reduced A20 cell lysates. For western blottiing, this antibody can be used at 1-10 µg/mL. Moreover, this antibody was tested by immunohistochemistry of formalin-fixed paraffin embedded human tonsil tissue.

Antigen retrieval was performed using 10mM citrate buffer at pH 6.0. For immunohistochemistry, this antibody can be used at 10 µg/mL. It is recommended that the antibody be carefully titrated for optimal performance in the assay of interest. Purity: Greater than 90%, as determined by SDS-PAGE. Aggregation: Less than 10%, as determined by HPLC. Filtration: 0.2 μm post-manufacturing filtered. Blimp-1 (B lymphocyte maturation protein-1) is a nuclear protein with five zinc fingers in its carboxy terminus. It is a transcriptional repressor that is both required and sufficient to trigger terminal differentiation of B lymphocytes and monocyte/macrophages. Blimp-1 is expressed in, and may be required for terminally differentiated epithelial cells, retinal neurons and other lineage cells. It has also been implicated in the repression of beta-interferon (IFN-beta) and c-myc gene expression.


0.5 mg/mL
PBS with 0.09% sodium azide; pH 7.2
Q60636, O75626
BLIMP 1, B Lymphocyte Induced Maturation Protein 1, BLIMP1, Positive Regulatory Domain I Binding Factor 1, PR Domain Containing 1, PRDI BF1, PRDM1
Affinity chromatography
Human, Mouse
Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin), Western Blot
100 μg
4° C
12142, 639

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