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Thermo Scientific™ DRAQ5™ Fluorescent Probe Solution (5 mM)

Stain live or fixed cells with this far-red DNA stain.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ 62252

Additional Details : CAS : 9048-46-8 Weight : 0.01000kg Transport : UN number : 2810 Chem class : 6.1 Pack group : III

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Stain live or fixed cells with Thermo Scientific™ DRAQ5 Fluorescent Probe, a far-red DNA stain.

Fluorescence cell-based assays, such as flow cytometry, in-cell ELISA, fluorescence microscopy and high-content imaging require a fluorescent label to identify individual cells. When using multiple fluorescent probes to detect different cellular targets or activities, each probe must have a fluorescent spectrum different than the other probes. The blue-fluorescent DNA-binding probes, Hoechst and DAPI are frequently used; however, these probes cannot be used when UV illumination is unavailable or other blue-emitting fluorescent probes are used. Therefore, nuclear probes that emit in a color other than blue is useful for cell identification and counting, and for determining nuclear morphology and DNA content.
  • Due to its far-red excitation and emission, the DRAQ5 Fluorescent Probe can be multiplexed with many other fluorophores and is ideal for cells expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP) fusion proteins
  • Compatible with many existing protocols across a wide range of instrumentation platforms
  • Emits in the far-red region, is lipophilic and crosses cell and nuclear membranes in live and fixed cells and tissues for rapid DNA staining
  • Stain is water-soluble, supplied ready-to-use and does not require RNase, cell lysis, or a washing step, making it compatible with automation
  • Because DNA staining is stoichiometric, the DRAQ5 Fluorescent Probe can be used for DNA content analysis in cell proliferation studies


DRAQ5 Fluorescent Probe
Nucleus, Cytosol, Cytoplasm
Fluorescence Microscope, High Content Instrument