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Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ C.L.E.D. Gemiddeld

Isolate, enumerate and differentiate urinary pathogens with this electrolyte deficient medium.

Merk:  Thermo Scientific™ CM0301R

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Isolate, enumerate and differentiate urinary pathogens with this traditional urinary bacteriology medium which provides a valuable non-inhibitory diagnostic for plate culture.

  • Provides easy colony differentiation as Escherichia coli appear as yellow opaque colonies, Proteus form translucent blue colonies, Salmonella appear as flat green colonies while Staphylococcus form deep yellow colonies.
  • Prevents swarming of Proteus species through the electrolyte deficient nature of CLED Medium.

C.L.E.D. Medium has been used successfully in the Dip-inoculum Transport Medium technique (Mackey AND Sandys1,2).

A variant of this technique has been described by Guttman and Naylor3 who employed media-coated slides.

These techniques overcome false bacteriological results associated with a delay in the transport of the specimens of urine to the laboratory and permit a clinically accurate routine differential viable count. They are, therefore, suitable for both general practitioner and hospital work including the screening of ante-natal specimens for symptomless bacteriuria.

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C.L.E.D. Medium
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