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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ NeutrAvidin™ Agarose

Acrylamide and agarose beads and columns of specially-modified, pH-stabilized avidin; the low-cost alternative to streptavidin biotin-binding supports.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ 29201

Additional Details : CAS : 79-06-1 Weight : 1.81440kg

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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce NeutrAvidin Resins provide less nonspecific binding and cleaner results than avidin or streptavidin for many kinds of biotin affinity procedures.
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NeutrAvidin Agarose and UltraLink™ Resins are superior alternatives to avidin and streptavidin beads in many biotin-based affinity applications. NeutrAvidin Protein is a modified avidin derivative that combines several key features to provide a biotin-binding protein with exceptionally low nonspecific binding properties. Native avidin is heavily glycosylated, resulting in its high pI and nonspecific binding properties. By contrast NeutrAvidin Protein contains no carbohydrate and has a near-neutral isoelectric point (6.3), features that provide for very low nonspecific binding and broader utility in a variety of applications.

NeutrAvidin Resins are prepared by covalently coupling NeutrAvidin Protein to the beaded agarose or UltraLink Biosupport using efficient and stable chemistries, resulting in NeutrAvidin Agarose and UltraLink Resins that are leach-resistant and stable at pH 2-11. The products are excellent choices for a variety of small- or large-scale affinity purification applications involving biotinylated macromolecules, including separation of biotinylated molecules from samples and immunoprecipitation of antigens using biotin-labeled antibodies.


  • Low nonspecific binding – unlike avidin, NeutrAvidin Protein has no carbohydrates, eliminating nonspecific binding problems caused by sugars; unlike streptavidin, NeutrAvidin Protein has no Arg-Tyr-Asp sequence, which can be a source of binding to cell surface molecules

  • Versatile resins – agarose (polysaccharide-based) and UltraLink Biosupport (acrylamide-based) resins provide two different options for particular experimental conditions and are compatible with gravity-flow, spin and FPLC methods

  • Available in multiple formats – choose from two resin types, regular or high capacity preparations, and small or large-scale package sizes (bulk sizes are also available)

  • Superior performance – High Capacity Resin has higher binding capacity than best alternative supplier streptavidin products, allowing use of small amounts of resin for experiments

Item-Specific Features:

  • Agarose Resins are crosslinked 6% beaded agarose
  • UltraLink Resins are beaded acrylamide support (UltraLink Biosupport)
  • Plus and High Capacity Resins have a higher loading of NeutrAvidin Protein than the regular forms

Recommended for:

Immunoprecipitation; Purifying proteins that bind to biotinylated ligands; Capturing biotinylated cell-surface proteins; Purifying biotinylated peptides



Agarose Resin, Affinity
Biotin-tagged Molecules
NeutrAvidin™ Protein
NeutrAvidin™, Pierce™
Pierce NeutrAvidin Agarose