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Invitrogen™ SuperScript™ VILO™ Master Mix

SuperScript™ VILO™ Master Mix

Brand:  Invitrogen™ 11755250

Additional Details : Weight : 1.00000kg

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SuperScript™ VILO™ Master Mix is a robust reverse transcriptase premix containing everything you need for reverse transcription (RT) in one tube. SuperScript™ VILO™ (Variable Input, Linear Output) Master Mix pairs our tried and tested SuperScript™ III Reverse Transcriptase with enhanced buffer and RNaseOUT™ Recombinant Ribonuclease Inhibitor to enable reliable first-strand synthesis and higher cDNA yields from a wide range of input RNA concentrations. This versatility helps deliver unprecedented linearity across the broadest range of input material and increased dynamic range for your quantitative RT-PCR (qRT-PCR) assays. Features of the SuperScript™ VILO™ Master Mix:

  • Sensitive—linearity from 1 pg to 2.5μg in a 20μL reaction
  • Convenient—single-tube format, just add your RNA and go
  • Flexible—suitable for qPCR detection methods such as SYBR™ Green and TaqMan™ assays
  • Powerful—high yields of cDNA perfect for archiving
  • Consistent results from a variety of input RNA concentrations
    The SuperScript™ VILO™ Master Mix provides the high-temperature capability of SuperScript™ III Reverse Transcriptase in an optimized format. The SuperScript™ VILO™ Master Mix can generate first-strand cDNA for use in real-time quantitative RT-PCR (qRT-PCR) with very low and very high amounts of input RNA (up to 2.5μg total RNA in a 20μL reaction).

    Reliable, RNA-protected, reverse transcripition from total RNA
    Because SuperScript™ III RT is not significantly inhibited by ribosomal and transfer RNA, it can be used to synthesize cDNA from total RNA. The SuperScript™ VILO™ Master Mix also includes RNaseOUT™ Recombinant Ribonuclease Inhibitor to safeguard against the degradation of target RNA due to ribonuclease contamination. Robust SuperScript™ III RT can be used to synthesize cDNA at a temperature range of 42–55°C.

    Broad linearity for less template dilutions
    Obtain the same relative representation in your cDNA qPCR template, regardless of gene abundance. During normalization, get both your gene of interest and the reference gene in a linear phase for cDNA synthesis even if their abundances differ in the starting material.


    250 Reactions
    2-Step RT-qPCR, qPCR
    250 Reactions
    Reverse Transcriptase
    42° C
    250 Reactions
    Master Mix
    20 μL
    10 kb or less
    SuperScript™ III
    Dry Ice

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.