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Invitrogen™ Vivid™ CYP2D6 Blue Screening Kit

Vivid™ CYP2D6 Blue Screening Kit

Brand:  Invitrogen™ P2972

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Vivid™ CYP450 Screening Kits are high-throughput fluorescence-based assays for detection of enzyme-drug interactions and CYP450 inhibition. They provide an optimized method for studying isozyme-specific CYP450-drug interactions, metabolism, and inhibition. Vivid™ CYP450 Screening Kits offer:
  • Easy three-step procedure, 'mix and read' format, reactions at room temperature or 37°C
  • Superior fluorescent properties and kinetics compared to conventional fluorogenic probes
  • High signal-to-background ratio, broad dynamic range
  • Compatible with multiple assay formats from 96-well to 1536-well

    Simple Mix and Read Kit Format
    Vivid™ CYP450 Screening Kits include Vivid™ Substrate, Vivid™ Fluorescent Standard, reaction buffer, Vivid™ Regeneration System, NADP+, and CYP450 BACULOSOMES™ Plus Reagents. The CYP450 BACULOSOMES™ Plus Reagents are microsomes prepared from insect cells expressing a human CYP450 isozyme (CYP2D6 in this case) and human cytochrome-P450 reductase. CYP450 BACULOSOMES™ Plus Reagents offer a distinct advantage over human liver microsomes in that only one CYP450 isozyme is expressed, thereby preventing metabolism by other CYP450s.

    Unique Vivid™ Reagents for Bright Fluorescent Signals and Low Background
    Vivid™ Substrates are blocked dyes that yield minimal fluorescence signal until cleaved or hydroxylated. Oxidation at either of two potential sites releases the highly fluorescent product (Figure 1). They have superior fluorescence, solubility, and kinetic properties compared to conventional fluorogenic probes. This results in higher sensitivity, greater signal-to-noise ratio, and better assay reproducibility. Vivid™ EOMCC Substrate is the substrate included in this particular kit. This substrate yields a product that emits a blue fluorescence.

    Flexible Assay Formats for Optimized Results
    The sensitivity of the Vivid™ CYP450 assays allows detection of weak inhibitors and miniaturization to as little as 2μl per reaction. Assays may be set up in kinetic mode or in end-point mode to facilitate multi-plate screening (Figure 2). Assays may be performed at room temperature or 37°C.

    Applications: high-throughput screening of enzyme-drug interactions, compound profiling for drug inhibition of cytochrome P450 isozymes, generation of predictive SAR models to guide compound acquisition

    For Research Use Only. Not for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.
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    Vivid™ CYP450 Screening kits include Vivid™ CYP450 Fluorogenic substrates, BACULOSOMES™ CYP450 reagents, fluorescent standards, and an NADPH-regeneration system. Vivid™ CYP450 Fluorogenic substrates are also available separately. Store reaction buffers at +4°C or room temperature. Store BACULOSOMES™, the NADPH-regeneration system, and NADP+ at -80°C. Store the Vivid™ substrates and standards at +4°C, protected from light. (For long-term storage, resuspend in organic solvent and keep at -20°C.)
    VIVID Blue
    300 Assays
    Microplate Reader
    Screening Kit
    96-well Plate
    Dry Ice
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    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.