Corning™ Costar™-clusterslangsysteem

Manufactured from polypropylene for strength and durability. Corning™ Cluster Tube System is ideal for harvesting cells, cell uptake and receptor binding assays, and radioimmunoassays. X960 Cluster Tube System, Individual

Thermo Scientific™ PCR 8-Tube Strips

Obtain optimal heat transfer in thermal cyclers with these 0.2mL Thermo Scientific™ PCR 8-tube strips, which are made from 100% pure polypropylene. X1200 CAPS MICROTUBE MBP PCR,8 STRIP OF CAPS. polypropylene DNase &RNase free clear

Fisherbrand™ PCR-buisjes met platte dop, 0.5 ml

With integral “snap shut” cap PCR BUIS 0,5ML PLAT GEEL

Fisherbrand™ PCR-buisjes met vlakke en bolvormige dop, 0.2 mL

With integral “snap shut” cap X1000 Tube PCR 0,2ml Neutral

Thermo Scientific™ Snap Cap Low Retention Microcentrifuge Tubes

Improve sample recovery without additives or coatings. These tubes offer maximum sample recovery by significantly reducing surface binding.

X500 Microcentrifuge Tube, Flat Cap, Clear, 2.0ml

Eppendorf™ PCR Tube Strips and Domed Cap Strips, 0.1mL

Designed for single use PCR applications. Eppendorf™ PCR Tube Strips provide tight sealing to prevent evaporation in PCR, yet are easy to open. They ensure efficient heat transfer to the sample by virtue of their thin, even wall thickness and smooth wall surface. X120 PCR Tube 0,1ml and Cap, 8-Strip, domedVE=120 Stück

Fisherbrand™ Reageerbuisjes van natronkalkglas

Use Fisherbrand™ Soda Glass Cell Culture Test Tubes to analyze cell culture material that are critical to diagnoses and experimentation. NATRONKALK BUIS 16X100MM 0,

Fisherbrand™ Soda Lime Glass Culture Tube

Use the Fisherbrand™ Soda Lime Glass Culture Tube to view cell cultures in the laboratory. This disposable soda lime glass rim top tube is plain (unlabeled) and features a sturdy, uniform bottom. X500 SODO TUBE 10,5X40MM EP0,8-0,9

Corning™ Costar™ Snap Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes

Features a snap cap with a positive seal that allows for repeated opening and closing with flat-cap surfaces for convenient labeling. Corning™ Costar™ Snap Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes are compatible with leading microcentrifuge rotors. TUBE PP 0,65ML NEUTRAAL

Eppendorf™ real-time PCR-buisjesstroken en Masterclear™ doppenstroken

All the benefits of white reflective wells in a PCR-tube format x120 Cap Strips, domed, 12-strip

Fisherbrand™ Dunwandige kweekbuisjes van borosilicaatglas

Use these tubes for cell washing procedures. Fisherbrand™ Borosilicate Glass Light-Walled Culture Tubes are made of borosilicate glass to reduce pH changes and contaminants potentially leached from soda lime glass. X500 CULTURE GLASS TUBE 18MM X 150M

Corning™ Bar Coded Storage Tubes: 1D/2D Bar Coded

For enhanced sample storage, identification and retrieval X9600 TPE 96 Storage Tube Septum Cap

PYREX™ randloze glazen buisjes met ronde bodem voor eenmalig gebruik

Manufactured from borosilicate glass to reduce pH changes and contaminants. Corning™ PYREX™ Disposable Round-Bottom Rimless Glass Tubes are designed for both tissue culture and general bacteriological work. X500 PYREX 20x150mm Disposable Rimless Culture Tubes, Bulk Pack

Buisje 5 ml

Use these tubes for the simple and safe processing of sample volumes up to 5.0mL. Eppendorf Tubes™ represent the perfect option for working with medium–sized sample volumes. Eppendorf Tubes, 5mL, Starter Pack, PCR clean,

Corning™ PCR-buisjesstroken, 8 wells

Manufactured from thin-walled polypropylene and designed for precise fit in heat blocks to optimize heat transfer. Corning™ 8-Well PCR Tube Strips are color coded for easy sample identification. X300 PCR 8 Well Tube Strips, 0.2 mL, Natural, 300st

Thermo Scientific™ PCR Tubes and Plates

Efficiently perform applications with these PCR tubes and plates, molded from 100% virgin polypropylene. X1000 tube,.2ml pcr, w/flat cap,blue

Invitrogen™ Nonstick, RNase-free Microfuge Tubes, 0.5mL

Nonstick, low-binding surface Non-Stick RNase-free Microfuge Tubes (0.5 ml)

Sterilin™ Disposable Polystyrene Round Base Rimless Test Tubes

X1500 test tube PS 5,5ml lp5 round base 13x75mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Disposable Plastic Centrifuge Tubes

Maintain a high level of accuracy while increasing lab safety with these disposable plastic centrifuge tubes, which are an excellent alternative to glass. X500 100X15 TEST TUBE W/STOPP PS/PE

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Oak Ridge High-Speed Centrifuge Tubes

Conduct high-speed centrifugation of aggressive chemicals with these tubes, suited for chloroform and phenol extractions in refrigerated machines up to 50,000 x g. X2 Centrifugebuis 10 ml FEP Nalgene

Kimble™ Kontes™ Centrifuge Tube

With snap cap X10 Centrifuge tube 15ml kontes micro scale

Thermo Scientific™ 0.1 mL Individual UTW Tubes

Reduce incubation times during PCR with these ultra-thin wall individual PCR tubes with attached flat caps. UTW bi-color indiv. tube w/att. flat optical cap - white tube - bag of 960

Fisherbrand™ Black Polypropylene Screw Caps for Glass Specimen Vials

Draai goed aan om glazen preparaatflacons met schroefhals met een lage of hoge vorm hermetisch te sluiten. Fisherbrand™ zwarte polypropyleen schroefdoppen voor glazen preparaatflacons zijn met folie bekleed en zijn verkrijgbaar in verschillende maten zodat ze passen op diverse flacons met een hoge of lage vorm. X300 Screw cap,black,polypropylene,foil lined,OD 23.4mm,ID 21.8mm,For neck bore 15.5mm vials

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Oak Ridge High-Speed Polycarbonate Centrifuge Tubes w/Sealing Cap

Easily view contents using these strong, transparent polycarbonate centrifuge tubes, available with sealing caps for use up to 50,000 x g. X10 Centrifugebuis 10ml PC Sealcap

Sterilin™ Disposable Glass Round Base Tissue Culture Tubes

X250 tube round base rimless 10x75mm 4ml boro

Thermo Scientific™ Screw Cap Micro Tubes

Pure Protection: Prepare, transfer and store samples securely with Thermo Scientific Screw Cap Microtubes. Available in multiple volumes, packaging options and clean claims.

X500 microcentr.tubes 2ml conical screwcap nst

Thermo Scientific™ Graduated Safelock Microcentrifuge Tubes

Easily confirm your microcentrifuge tube is locked for superior security during centrifugation. X10000 Microcentrifuge tubes MBP non-sterile,

Fisherbrand™ PCR-buisjesstroken 0.2 mL

Ideal for use in 0.2mL, 96-well V-bottom thermal cyclers X250 Strip 8xtube & Dom Cap 0,2ml

Fisherbrand™ Reageerbuisje van borosilicaatglas

Store test reagents and materials. Fisherbrand™ borosilicate glass test tubes come in a variety of sizes. X100 Test tube Fisherbrand medium wall rimless